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Blogs for Borders Video Blogburst for July 3rd 2007

The morning after

100% Preventable!

The Deportation Joke!

Happy Fourth of July!

This has been the Blogs For Borders Video Blogburst. The Blogs For Borders Blogroll is dedicated to American sovereignty, border security and a sane immigration policy. If you'd like to join find out how right here.

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Excuse me, Ruth, I have a comment about a caption on a picture you had on your blog with Mexican-American citizens of your country filled with so called liberty and justice for ALL. I loathe all of you racists against immigrants, and especially how you think all of them are comming from Mexico. You think a wall will help, or maybe you discriminating beings will build a ditch with water and fill it with crocodiles! If you are so against immigration, go back to your country, unless you are native americans, whom I feel sorry for because the white men took their land away. So if you don't like this leave the United States. It's not only immigration from Mexico, some come from other distant places, so please be open minded about the whole situation and stop stereotyping about certain races.
Excuse you? For calling me a racist because I don't want illegal aliens of ANY race in this country? The MAJORITY of illegal aliens just happen to be from Mexico and that is because we share a land border.

So being against illegal immigration does not make us racists against Mexicans because they make up the majority of illegal aliens. I and others in this movement are NOT against IMMIGRATION and illegal aliens are not IMMIGRATING they are INVADING so please get your facts straight before you blast me or anyone else that you think is a racist for wanting our laws to be enforced.

ALL countries have immigration laws including MEXICO. If this country applied the same immigration laws as MEXICO we would be in MUCH better shape. So I suppose Mexicans who support their own immigration laws against Guatemalans and Ecuadorans are racists too?

It is YOU the Geraldo Rivera koolaid drinkers who continue to try to portray patriotic Americans as racists because we are outraged at our government for not enforcing immigration laws. It is YOU who try to make this a race issue not us.
I am Latin-American (I'm talking from Brazil) and it's hard to believe some of these people who come in this blog saying they are Mexicans are really Mexicans. They look like trolls pretending to be Mexicans. If I feel it, it's just because here in Brazil nodoby consider themselves to be other thing than Western people. We speak an European language, the absolute majority of us are Christians and a considerable porcentage of us have European roots. Plus, Brazilians don't use the words "white" as synomym of a category of foreign people they should be automatically excluded of. 12-to-13% of the Brazilian population is white, other 10-to-15% are made of white people with insignificant-to-few amount of nonwhite blood, and we have also lots of light-skinned mixed Brazilians who see themselves as whites too. So, when I see a Latin-American saying "the whites did this, the whites did that", as if they weren't or haven't whites in their countries, I feel like it's a troll or a fake.

And, I do not support invasion, far from it, if I was given the choice, I would never go to USA because I know how much you dislike "Hispanics" and I would not want to trade my dignity as a human being for things like a good job, a bigger house and an extra car. I want to have good friends and to be around people who trully like and respect me. These are the things that make life worthy to be lived.

I think these Mexicans who want so bad to jump the fence to USA and spend the rest of their lives taking disrespect in change of a handful of dollars are just people who have completely lost their sense of dignity. And, people who dropped out their own dignity will do anything.
My parents came to this country legally in the mid-50s. They took the time to learn the language, familiarize themselves with American history, and became very productive members of society through hard work, dedication, and perseverance. When I see another illegal immigrant walking into a welfare office, or showing up to a hospital to birth a child, or any other number of circumstances, where they will simply walk out in the end and WE, the taxpayers, end up footing the bill...I become livid. They then spit in our face by claiming that we should accommodate their culture by learning to speak their language...when they're nearly all too damn lazy to learn but a few words in ours. I'm fluent in Italian, French, Greek, Latin, and of course, English. I've had many opportunities to learn Spanish, and have neglected to do so every time...and for a very important reason: I visit Italy, France, Greece, and many Latin speaking countries fairly frequently with my family. Why in the hell would I ever visit Mexico? I hate tequila, and much prefer beaches that aren't littered with trash and sketchy Mexicans. I'm also fed up with seeing every other children's program trying to teach my three-year-old son how to speak Spanish, when he should be learning English. I've taken the liberty to teach him some words in Italian, because my family just loves it when he says "Hello" or "Goodbye" in their native tongue. Besides this, his priority should be to learn the language of this country...not the invaders to the south. Something must be done about the immigration problem, or I fear that I'll one day be forced to leave this country and return to Italy, or elsewhere in Europe...or hell, maybe even Canada. If we can't rely on our own president to address this serious issue, who can we rely on?
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