Monday, June 04, 2007

Harry Reid the Hispanic Pandering Traitor

And now isn't it perfectly clear where members of our Congress have their priorities? It's not on Americans that's for sure! SELL OUT! TRAITOR! If I lived in Nevada I'd be getting the hanging tree ready for this son-of-a-bitch... And he is the SENATE MAJORITY LEADER.. Oh man we really need to CLEAN HOUSE on Capitol Hill and quick!

Here is his contact info. Oh, and he lives in Searchlight, NV. Can't be too hard to find out where he lives if you want to go pay him a visit and let him know how you feel about "comprehensive immigration reform"

Press Release of Senator Reid

Reid Receives Award for Support of Mexican American Community

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Las Vegas, NV - U.S. Senator Harry Reid of Nevada received an award today from the Mexican Government, in recognition of his efforts to bring a Mexican consulate office to the area.

I recognize the important role and significance of having a Mexican Consulate office in Clark County," said Reid. "The Consul plays an important role in providing valuable information and services to the Mexican community. Before the Consulate opened, people in Clark County who sought Mexican consular services had to travel four hours to San Bernadino. I'm glad that I was able to help the Mexican Community fill that need."

"His [Reid's] support to Consul Berenice Rendón in opening the Mexican Consulate in Las Vegas was fundamental," said Consul Mariano Lemus Gas. "...The Mexican Consulate believes that Senator Harry Reid deserves recognition for his contribution to the opening of this office."

Reid and his staff worked closely with the Mexican Embassy to help bring the Consulate Office to Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Consulate Office, which officially opened in February 2002, was the 47th to open in the United States. In 2005, Consul Mariano Lemus Gas was assigned to the Las Vegas office.

The Consulate Office provides many services to the Mexican American Community including:

  • Information about requirements for traveling to Mexico Helping Mexican Nationals obtain consular identification cards
  • Issuing Mexican Nationals passports
  • Educating business people about travel and trade between the United States and Mexico
  • Arranges for the return to Mexico of those who have died in the United States
  • Helps with reunification of separated families
  • Protects labor rights and helps recover back wages
  • Promotes government programs such as education, health, and social development for those participating in the Institute for Mexicans Living Abroad
  • Reid is committed to fighting for the Hispanic communities in Nevada. Reid has voted to raise the minimum wage; he supports tough and fair immigration reform; and he is working to ensure that states don't run out of money for children's health programs.

    During today's ceremony, Reid joined Consul Gas to present the Ohtli Award to Pricilla Rocha and Araceli Paredes for their efforts to strengthen the community.

    U.S. Senator Harry Reid of Nevada and Consul Mariano Lemus Gas present the Ohtli Award to Pricilla Rocha and Araceli Paredes.


    I fully agree. These sob's in our
    government are giving our country away at an alarming rate. I cannot understand for the life of me; why
    our people in office are kissing Mexico's ass ! A thorough house cleaning is needed in government. Fire them all and start from scratch wih people who have not lost their sanity and who do have te American people's best interests at heart.
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