Saturday, June 30, 2007

Great day for Hershey rally

Voice of the People USA had a very nice rally in Hershey today at the same place where Republicans were having a little get together. Arlen Specter was at the event although it was rumored that he had already left by the time we started.

Weather was ideal - bright sun, slight breeze, not too humid... We were perched on a "grassy knoll" as Gary Sutton called it, just off the parking lot of the Hershey Lodge.

We had several speakers, including me! My first time..

Naturally most of us were basking in the glow of victory from handing a "crushing defeat" to the Scamnesty Bill S 1639 and President Bush on Thursday. And most of us reiterated that we will not stop until we see our current immigration laws enforced which will have illegal aliens leaving on their own through attrition.

For any of you who met me in Hershey - my "other" blog - the one that is more up to date than this one since the new one keeps me much busier with a discussion forum - is

Pictures and video from the rally shortly.


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