Thursday, June 14, 2007

Dana Rohrabacher says patriotic Americans stopped the shamnesty bill

We did it before.. we can do it again.. They are plotting to slip the bill in today, June 14th, Flag Day - so today must show an unprecendented number of calls to the folloing senators and let them know you do NOT support their new "back room deals" and the "Amendments for Amnesty" sell out deal!

Key Senators to call:

McConnell 202/224-2541
Lott 202/224-6253
Kyl 202/224-4521
Brownback 202/224-6521
Burr 202/224-3154
Chambliss 202/224-3521
Cornyn 202/224-2934
Hutchison 202/224-5922
Isakson 202/224-3643
Warner 202/224-2023
Webb 202/224-4024


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