Saturday, May 19, 2007

Wisconsin Cop Murdered By Illegal Alien Scum Bag In Routine Traffic Stop

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How many more US citizens have to die at the hands of illegal aliens before this government will take action? And action is NOT "comprehensive immigration reform". American citizens DEMAND that our government SECURE the borders, deport illegal aliens and punish employers who hire them!


Deputy Murder Suspect has Long Criminal History
TMJ4 Milwaukee
May 17, 2007

Watch local news video of the following story by clicking here.

KENOSHA - The man now charged with killing Kenosha County Sheriff’s Deputy Frank Fabiano is an illegal immigrant with a long criminal record.

Despite a criminal record going back six years, Ezeiquiel Lopez was never deported. Only after he was charged with killing Fabiano did anyone try to have him kicked out of the country.

Lopez, 44, is accused of murdering the 17-year sheriff’s department veteran while high on cocaine. Lopez’s history with the law dates back to 2001, when he was arrested in Utah for lewd and lascivious conduct.

In 2003, he was arrested in Texas on a gun charge.

In 2003, Lopez was picked-up in Missouri for OWI.

In 2004, Kenosha Police arrested him on charges of domestic battery, disorderly conduct, bail jumping.

Still, this is the first time immigration enforcement had heard of him. “We can find no record of having had contact with this individual before or having had him referred to us by another law enforcement agency,” said Tim Counts of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

In court on Friday, Lopez said nothing. But a fellow inmate at the jail says Lopez had plenty to say Thursday night. “He was saying I’ll kill another one of you guys, give me a chance and I’ll kill another one of you guys.” The inmate wanted to remain anonymous.

Lopez has a wife and three kids. A criminal complaint says he was angry with his wife, the night of the murder. He admits to drinking tequila, doing cocaine and driving his van. But says he doesn’t remember shooting anyone.

A judge set Lopez’s bond at $1 million Friday. A hearing to determine whether the case should go to trial is scheduled for May 29.

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