Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Vets not getting as much of our Federal tax money

This is absolutely sickening to see that our vets in the Philadelphia area have had their Federal money cut back. Meanwhile we are allowing millions of Federal dollars to be sent to Mexico through remittances to illegal aliens. We are allowing millions of Federal dollars going to illegal aliens in the form of FREE EDUCATION, SCHOOL LUNCHES, AND SOCIAL SERVICES for the children of illegal aliens - some of whom are US citizens due to the distortion of the 14th amendment and SOME of whom are illegal aliens who were dragged across the border by their irresponsible parents.

Please visit philavets.org to donate to American veterans who apparently are being ignored by our Federal government. Shame on them!

I'm sick of hearing about "needy immigrants" when we have our very own vets having to BEG for donations from citizens when they should be getting anything they need from our government!

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