Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Stop the "New Sanctuary Movement"

What a bunch of horse shit. These people are aiding and abetting illegal aliens. This is ILLEGAL I don't care how much they pray and fast and act like nice people. They are encouraging the human tsunami to sweep over our nation and ruin it forever.

I'm sick of these people coming here illegally and then claiming special victim status. Guess what? Americans are the victims here and we demand our rights to be protected dammit!

Oh and guess who the biggest ally is? Cardinal Roger Mahony - Catholic traitor to America


Here is the list of "allies" who support the invasion of illegal aliens:

OUR ALLIES _________________

New Sanctuary Movement Coalition Representatives

Rev. Trina Zelle, tzelle@iwj.org
Rev. Magdalena Schwartz, chilena03@msn.com

Los Angeles
Fr. Richard Estrada, estradacmf@aol.com
Rev. Julie Wakelee-Lynch, juliewl@stlukeslb.org

San Diego
Rabbi Laurie Coskey, lcoskey@onlinecpi.org

San Francisco Bay Area
Rev. Phil Lawson, phillawson2@comcast.net
Betty Canton-Self, icir2010@yahoo.com

San Jose*
Rev. Carol Been, carolbeen@aol.com
Rev. Reginald Swilley, swilley@swilleygraphics.org

Ms. Alice Linsmeier, clue@coastalalliance.com
Rev. Lupita Alonso, alonsore@hotmail.com

Mr. Julien Ross, julienross@yahoo.com

Mr. Jose Olivo, joliva@iwj.org
Rev. Slim Coleman*, wrevcoleman@aol.com
Ms. Martha Pierce, mpierce@sanctuary.org

Kansas / Missouri
Kansas City
Rev Rick Behrens, rudyflash@aol.com
Ms. Angela Ferguson, angela@austinferguson.com

New York
New York
Ms. Belinda Passafaro, Bpassafaro@aol.com
Mr. Angad Bhalla, Angad.bhalla@gmail.com

Mr. Marco Mejia, mejiayep@yahoo.com
Ms. Beth Poteet, wfpnw@witnessforpeace.org

Ms. Maria Jimenez, dignidad@hotmail.org

Mr. Jorge Quiroga, jhquiroga@comcast.net

Washington DC
Rev. Jarvis Johnson*, jjohnson@walmartwatch.org


Mr. Bill and Mrs. JoAnn Lange, wjlange@sbcglobal.net
Mr. German Diaz, gealdice@hotmail.com

A group which is involved with this "New Sanctuary Movement" is Interfaith Worker's Justice

Here is a posting on their web site regarding ICE raids in North Carolina - GO ICE!

Join Interfaith Worker Justice
To Protest Last Week's Sting Operation In Goldsboro, NC

Last week immigrant workers gathered to attend mandatory safety training they thought was being held by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). It turned out to be a sting operation by the Homeland Security's Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Click here to send a letter of protest to the immigration bureau with copies to your legislators.

After serving coffee and doughnuts, an official announced that he had bad news -- the immigration office had called the meeting, not OSHA, and immigration agents filled the room. [HA HA HA - good one! ]

Forty-eight workers, hired by subcontractors at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base in Goldsboro, North Carolina, were arrested on charges that they were illegal immigrants. At least one person was later released upon proof of citizenship. [ ICE is enforcing IMMIGRATION LAW BOZO ]

OSHA had no knowledge of the Immigration Bureau's plans. It has protested the Bureau's misuse of its name and reputation.

The Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement claimed it was protecting us from terrorism and that "ruses" are part of its standard way of operating.

Interfaith Worker Justice is outraged! It has requested a meeting with ICE, is mobilizing its affiliate groups to contact local ICE officials and is organizing outreach to national media outlets.

Click here to make a donation in support of IWJ's work to protest this action.

At a time when workplace safety is a critical issue for millions of low-wage workers, this action:

Let ICE and your elected officials know that you oppose this type of activity. Click here to send a letter of protest to the immigration bureau with copies to your legislators.

Help Interfaith Worker Justice respond to this latest affront to workers' rights. Click here to make a donation on our secure website.

In peace and justice,

Kim Bobo
Executive Director


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