Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Senate, Enemy Of The American People - Amnesty And America - My Take

Last year I railed on the Senate for their absolute hatred of the American people. This year seems to be no different as they are putting the wants of a group of foreign peoples, most from Mexico, ahead of the wants of the American citizen. They have once again done so with an immigration "compromise bill" - of which the text isn't even written yet - which has been said to be "a great victory" for solving our illegal immigration problem in America.

They are so convinced that this is the solution to the problem that they are going to write the text, deliver it to Senators and get them to vote on it as quick as possible - even though they won't have the chance to read it. Instead of reading it the ones who put this "solution" together will just tell you about it. No need to actually read the fine print.

Now if that doesn't raise red flags to anyone who has ever signed a contract for a loan, let alone a bill that could become the law of a country of more than 300 million people, I don't know what will.

The fact is that this bill (and I'm just guessing here, because the text isn't available) is just more of the same of what we have done in the past regarding immigration reform. It includes amnesty, yet claims to put in place enforcement laws. The reality is that just like 1986, which also included enforcement laws, they will not be enforced.

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