Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Sanctuary Movement Deconstructed

Tony Dolz

Bed and Breakfast Immigration Dog and Pony Show

On the same day that the nation is shaken by a plot by illegal alien Muslim extremists to slaughter scores of U.S. soldiers and civilians at Fort Dix, New Jersey, open borders and illegal alien advocates and profiteers are planning a campaign to gain Amnesty for up to 20 million cheap and docile third-world workers living as an underclass among us. Have we learned nothing from the 9/11 Commission recommendations to protect our borders and track down the whereabouts of illegal aliens?

America’s borders are open and unprotected and for a good reason: MONEY. Criminal drug cartels with an influence and corruption footprint from Washington DC’s Capitol Hill to the Federal District of Mexico City earn a whopping $140 billion annually; while arms and human traffickers pry a more modest $10 to $15 billion trade. Income from criminal activity vastly overshadows Mexico’s biggest source of foreign revenues, oil, which brings in a paltry $11 billion.

Exerting a ponderous heavy hand, magnitudes greater, is global capital. Serious global capital has for centuries moved money and influence anywhere in the world with equal ease and never short of assists from accommodating politicians. In times past, production of goods and services and their consumption was both local. In the recent past, capital was blessed by dropping prices on transportation and telecommunications making the outsourcing of production to cheap labor markets practical and vastly profitable. In our own time we have seen massive numbers of illegal aliens (America’s guest worker program) streaming through the nation’s purposely left open borders. Global capital and domestic profiteers in America’s service sector hungered for these cheap hands and our elected representatives delivered dutifully. This was the last frontier for one-world global capital; to fill service jobs that are impossible to outsource and to drive down the wages of the remaining manufacturing jobs. We have robust employment figures in America, only that jobs in many cases pay less than we were taking home because we have so many people illegally in our country willing to do it for less, much less. Many labor unions are still on denial while millions of illegal aliens are working their way up the career ladder from under the table day laborers to underpaid or tax-cheating factory or construction worker.

There are millions of illegal aliens that cannot make ends meet and joining them are Black Americans and first generation legal immigrants whose jobs have vanished or whose wages have sunk below a living wage. The remedy for less than living wages is for example tax-paid social services, free education enriched with free breakfasts, lunch and remedial assistance for a massive number of non-English speaking students, free medical services from our Emergency hospitals (which by law cannot deny treatment of broken nails to maternity or brain surgery to illegal aliens.

School Districts, School Administrators and teachers unions have been particularly visible in their support of the non-enforcement of immigration laws and the support of open borders political elected representatives, Why? The federal and state government pays the school districts, colleges and universities on the number of occupied seats. It does not matter if the derriere is a legal or an illegal one. Education in America has a “don’t ask – don’t tell” policy on the tax paid education of illegal aliens. They grow and prosper by these shenanigans.

Churches do well from illegal aliens. The Catholic Church general budget is getting a pounding from defending against or paying out claims for raping little boys. On the other hand, Catholic Charities, led by Roger Mahoney, made famous for running interference on law enforcement investigating Mahoney’s pedophile protégés, gets 60% of its revenue from tax-payer funded grants to help the indigent, as in illegal aliens.

Another group moved by purely humanitarian concern and driven to their signature "no legal loophole untried" activism over the plight of illegal aliens is the immigration law attorneys. They rack in quite a good living one nickel and dime at a time from struggling illegal aliens and greater rewards from big time drug dealers facing deportation.

Sadly, we cannot expect our elected officials to devoutly ensure our security and protect the American worker from losing their job or seeing the wages erode to the level of third world workers. One case in point, for example, is Senator Dianne Feinstein, from my home state of California. We are about 37 million people in my state but our collective shouting about the millions of illegal aliens that have trespassed our country and state since we elected her carry much less weight than a handful of well heeled agricultural interests who are addicted to cheap illegal alien labor. When powerful agricultural interests whisper, she jumps on it. Feinstein like so many of our elected representatives is not above corruption, real or alleged. Self-proclaimed corruption watchdogs like Congressman Henry Waxman find it beneath themself to find fault with the fact that Senator Feinstein may have channeled over a billion dollars of military contracts to her husband. For more information about possible time in the slammer for Feinstein go to this link:

There are many who profit from illegal immigration and there are few in the House, Senate and the current occupant of the Whitehouse who are willing to forgo the inducements to the contrary and abide by their oath of office including the securing of our borders and the enforcement of the immigration laws that are in the books right now. One notable exception is Colorado’s Congressman Tom Tancredo who is making a run for the Presidency. For information on Congressman Tancredo go to this link:

A coalition of open borders, illegal aliens and illegal alien employers have hit upon a great public relations scheme to get America to sign on to Amnesty for up to 20 million illegal aliens. It is called the Sanctuary movement.

The plan envisions hammering the American public with emotional scenes of illegal aliens with anchor babies (the automatic citizen babies of illegal alien parents) who have been given a deportation order.

Various churches have signed up to this project and are willing to host the illegal aliens and force the federal government to come fetch the illegal aliens in front of empathetic cameras.

The organizers of the Sanctuary Movement want to give the impression that the enforcement of immigration law “separates” families which is the absolute weakest point of their scheme.

Here are the facts. Immigrants, most of them illegal aliens, send home to their countries of origin $60 billion dollars annually and of that $23 billion goes back to Mexico. Foreign remittances show that an overwhelming number among the 20 or so million of illegal aliens are leaving family behind in their home countries. Those numbers far surpass the number of anchor babies that the Sanctuary Movement wants to exploit as an emotional backdrop for the demand for Amnesty, their ultimate goal.

Deportation does not mean that illegal aliens have to leave their children behind in America. Aliens are like any other parents. They have legal custody of their children and they can and should take them with them wherever they go. Some parents make very bad choices like leading a life of crime. Convicted criminals serve time in jail and during that time they are not able to see their families. No one would suggest a two track system of justice for the same crime. One for those who have no family and one for those who have a family. If a parent is a criminal committing a third offense in California that parent will never see his or her family again. Deported aliens are fortunate in that they are allowed to return to their home countries and to take their families with them.

The Amnesty Movement is bogus and their sympathies are misplaced

When churches get involved in “sanctuary movements” they are defying the law and the DEMOCRATIC RIGHT of citizens to be represented by elected representatives. How do you spell arrogance?

What can we do if we do not agree with the goals and methods of the Sanctuary Movement?

“All cases decided under 1324(a) involve defendants who simply kept silent about

the aliens' presence, rather than individuals who have reported the aliens' presence

to the INS but who have continued to shelter them. Accordingly, a congregation

that houses undocumented migrants will likely not be prosecuted unless they

are attempting to conceal such alien from Immigration and Custom Enforcement


Taking a page from the Sanctuary Movement’s own legal advice to their followers - since the churches will want to avoid being on record as concealing illegal aliens, let’s ask the churches for information on the illegal aliens that they are providing assistance to and turn that information over Homeland Security.

Join America’s biggest neighborhood watch and patriotic grassroots organization, the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. The link is found here:

Other valuable information can be secured from these websites:

Tony Dolz

Tony Dolz is a National Security Analyst with the California Coalition for Immigration Reform (CCIR) and author of papers and articles on border security and immigration reform. Mr. Dolz and his wife, a business woman, reside in Santa Monica with their 6 year old son and 2 year old daughter. Tony Dolz is a founding member of the Minutemen border security and immigration reform grass-roots organization ("America's Biggest Neighborhood Watch") and the State of California Legislative Liaison for the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (MCDC). Mr. Dolz is a candidate for the 30th Congressional District in the November 2008 presidential election, a position currently held by Congressman Henry Waxman. The 30th Congressional District covers the West Los Angeles coastal area from Santa Monica to Oxnard and from the Pacific Ocean to Beverly Hills, West Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley up to the southern edge of Ventura County. More information on Mr. Dolz can be found at website or by writing to his email address

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