Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Report from Debate involving Cardinal Mahony in Philadelphia

One of our patriots, Marge, was able to get into the debate held at the Constitution Center May 8th at this event

During the question and answer period at the above
forum, the moderator asked Cardinal Mahony a question
submitted by a member of the audience.

The question: Since the 7th Commandment says "Thou
Shalt Not Steal", doesn't smuggling, identity theft,
breaking and entering and fraud come under this
commandment. Doesn't this apply to illegal aliens?

The moderator then gave Cardinal Mahony a chance to
think about his answer. He smiled and answered, "No",
to some laughter from the 99% pro-illegal alien
audience. Cardinal Mahony said that the commandments
are about "Thou Shalt Not" and went on to explain his

Edwin Meese was great! I went up after
the forum and congratulated him and said I was
probably the only one in the audience that agreed with
him. I gave him one of our flyers and our C4ICE card.

I also went over to Cardinal Mahony and handed him our
flyer and card and told him I was his opposition and
that he answered the 7th Commandment question very

On my way out, I told some of the nuns and priests
that they didn't have to worry about the 7th
Commandment any more. It was no longer relevant.


I am not surprised by the Cardinal's remark about law breaking, hey, they molest children, what could be more damaging than that? The Catholic church needs more people and this is how they want to get them. He is a terrorist for sure!
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