Saturday, May 12, 2007

Reid Plans to Push Through Immigration Bill, but Cedes 1 Day in Talks

NO AMNESTY for illegal aliens even if they have to jump over a high fence. Wait that is already what they are doing. We CANNOT reward illegal aliens for coming here illegally EVER. I don't care HOW difficult you make it. We need to make it IMPOSSIBLE to become a citizen IF you have come here illegally. GO OUT THE BACK DOOR AND COME IN THE FRONT DOOR AND WAIT IN LINE. Personally I think if someone has ever entered the country illegally, it should disqualify them from EVER becoming a citizen and if they are caught here ever again, they get to sit in a detention center for 6 months. Sending them back is TOO EASY because they just turn around in Mexico and come back again!

Reid Plans to Push Through Immigration Bill, but Cedes 1 Day in Talks

Friday, May 11, 2007

WASHINGTON — Agreeing to give a fitful set of bipartisan talks more time to yield an immigration deal, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Friday he would delay a vote on the issue until next Wednesday.

The move postponed — at least for a day — what was shaping up as a partisan clash over immigration after weeks of negotiations between the White House and senators in both parties designed to strike a broad compromise.

With that agreement still elusive, Reid is planning to force debate next week on an immigration measure that passed the Senate last year with wide Democratic backing but opposition by a majority of Republicans. GOP senators have promised to block that move, saying they will only accept a new bipartisan compromise.

"Some of the senators feel that there's a breakthrough that could take place" in talks over the weekend and early next week, said Reid, D-Nev., adding that he would "reluctantly" postpone the test-vote, which he had set for Tuesday. He has now set the vote for next Wednesday.

Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said the move would "give us the maximum opportunity to piece back together the bipartisan agreement that we thought we almost had a week or so ago."

Talks are continuing on the possible deal, which would first secure the U.S.-Mexico border and implement an elaborate high-tech identification system for immigrant workers, and only then give millions of illegal immigrants a chance at legal status — after waits as long as 13 more years.

Many Democrats and Republicans are wary of such an agreement, which also would limit immigrants' ability to bring their families to the U.S. Democrats fear it will be rejected as too punitive by their liberal base, while Republicans are concerned about alienating conservatives by appearing to treat illegal immigrants too leniently.

President Bush plans to use his Saturday weekly radio address to urge Congress to reshape immigration laws.


"We need to make it IMPOSSIBLE to become a citizen IF you have come here illegally."

Does this mean that you would support a deal that would adjust status for noncriminal illegal aliens (as opposed to the ones who commit crimes of moral turpitude) while denying them any chance at citizenship for all time as punishment for breaking immigration laws?
Yes. I would deny citizenship for anyone who came here illegally because they have broken the law and that would stop encouraging people to CONTINUE to come here illegally and instead seek to come here through legal means. I don't care how hard working and nice they are. We MUST defend our borders and force people to follow our laws or we are doomed as a nation.
This stupid "step in step out" provision - even though it is very inconvenient for most illegal aliens to accomplish and most probably won't do it.. it STILL says.. well we will ignore the fact that you came here illegally in the first place so let's just pretend you came here legally now. I don't buy it. Still rewarding for illegal behavior. Period.
The United States citizens have been "nice" stooges for too long and have been taken advantage of for too long. Political correctness has ruined this nation and it's time we get back to protecting OUR OWN. I am against NAFTA, CAFTA, NAU, SPP and all this globalism crap. You can have a global economy without giving up sovereignty and WITHOUT damaging the economies of lesser nations.
Without debating the merits of the rest of your arguments, I am merely asking if "adjustment of status" for illegals would be an acceptable compromise for you as long as it would not lead to citizenship.
What kind of "adjustment" of status are you referring to? If their status is "illegal" why would anyone want to "adjust" their status? I suspect that adjustment would put them into a category of "uninvited guest" or something similar?
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