Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Real History of the Aztecs and "Aztlan"

Posted on ImmigrationWatchdog by MinuteWoman - I thought this was worthy of sharing:

Since May 5 in Baldwin Park, where we saw so much “Aztlan” stuff, plus the ubiquitous “chicken dancers,” I’ve been thinking about how the Aztec identification seems to be informing and directing the Mexica movement. I have been reading more about the Aztecs–know your enemy.

The Aztecs, according to a world history book published by Prentice-Hall and used in the Calif. school system, says the Aztecs were a small group in what is now N. Mexico (not what is now the U.S.) who felt led by their nature gods to go to the present site of what is now Mexico City (Tenochtitlan), which was already occupied by other indigenous groups. The Aztecs were not liked but were very violent and war-like, and so were used as mercenaries, and paid tribute and service to their host groups. But they insinuated themselves into the society gradually, and with much intermarriage with the powerful hosts, they got enough power and turned against the people who had taken them in, and set up a violent and tyrannical tribute-paying empire. That was about 100 years before the arrival of Cortez. The Aztecs burned all books written by their new victims (yes, there apparently had been some form of writing) and expunged their histories completely, then re-structured every single societal structure to support Aztec preeminence. Then they went about trying to conquer every other indigenous group in Central America, which they very nearly did. After a conquest, they would leave the local leaders in power, imposing their rule indirectly, and enslaving their people through impossibly heavy tributes of goods and labor. Worst of all, although human sacrifice and cannibalism was done by many Central American tribes, the Aztecs took it to incredible extremes, sacrificing many thousands of captives a year and eating their flesh. The level of fear and lothing felt by all who came into contact with the Aztecs must have been huge, because those neighboring tribes were instrumental in allowing Cortez, with an army of only 600 men, half of whom were sick from jungle diseases, to conquer the Aztecs easily. Aztec society was a theocratic, militaristic society that worshipped blood, death and war, and had only two classes: the very rich and everybody else, and the social structure was very class-conscious.

Does anybody see any similarities in the way the Aztecs originally defeated their host-victims like internal parasites with subterfuge and phoney servitude, and the way they are trying to defeat us now? Does anybody see any similarities in the values of violence, death, blood, revenge, and class-consciousness of the early Aztecs and those who now claim to be their descendants, and who are now deliberately teaching Aztec values to their children? Has anyone noticed their abandonment of Christianity in favor of nature-worship? Taken further, what would they impose upon any group, or country that they conquered? Would Americans become a tribute-paying host to these parasites, who would then sacrifice them to the pagan Aztec gods? Oh, wait a minute; that’s already happening!


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