Tuesday, May 01, 2007

More pics from Hold Their Feet to the Fire

Found some more pictures that I thought were worth sharing from Washington DC

Some of the advantages of mobile blogging - you can sit at an outdoor restaurant and update your blog while having a glass of wine and consulting with the organizer of the rally earlier that day!

Me here with D.A. King with my first blog entry of the event.. wish we could have had more of that immediacy!

Me interviewing Francesca from San Diego about her experience being arrested for simply being at an Enrique Morone rally - she and Christie were not allowed to approach the rally and Francesca was arrested without probable cause. To this day her shoulder hurts from her arms being yanked behind her to put in handcuffs. This woman's civil rights were violated by the corrupt San Diego police department who apparently have more loyalty to illegal aliens than American citizens.

Some of the idiotic counter-protesters - they insist on labeling us the KKK but umm... there were all races at the Dustin Inman Society rally and it is NOT just a white against black or brown issue. This racist label is getting tiresome and it shows that they really have no other argument when they resort to name-calling.


Here in Lake County Illinois, EVERY SINGLE CONTRACTOR is an illegal alien. EVERY fast food restaurant is being run by illegal labor. The Governemnt has waged war against Americans, clearly our own government does not care one bit if anyone ever has a job. Police are SWINE for not enforcing immigration laws, they are just filthy rotten swine.
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