Friday, May 04, 2007

More LAPD info on May Day Melee

More of the truth that is not being covered in the media or in the bowels of the insurgency discussion groups.


"Some of the images are very troubling," Birotte said.

Police union leaders urged Wednesday against a "rush to judgment."

"Our officers gave a legal dispersal order and were met with violence. In the coming days it will become clear what transpired," said Los Angeles Police Protective League President Bob Baker in a statement.

The move to clear the area came after a small group of protesters, described by Bratton as involving between 50 and 100 agitators, some with bandannas obscuring their faces, began throwing rocks and plastic bottles at police. Although some reporters at the scene heard an order to disperse from the advancing officers, others did not. The order appeared to come from an officer on foot with a megaphone just north of the intersection of Alvarado and 7th.

By 6:20 p.m., after the initial rock- and plastic bottle-throwing incident spurred the decision to close down a rally that was permitted to last until 9 p.m., two lines of officers began moving northwest through the park. Officers formed a wide V and swept protesters and members of the media before them.

In footage shot by Fox News and Telemundo reporters, police officers can be seen grabbing Fox reporter Christina Gonzalez and forcefully pushing her out of the way as she crouched to protect her camerawoman, who had fallen after being struck by a police baton. "I am helping her move, sir!" Gonzalez said, her voice agitated.

The officer is heard saying: "Move her back away from the skirmish line or you're under arrest."


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