Sunday, May 06, 2007

Los Angeles to become even more lawless after Bratton punishes officers

This is exactly what the socialist insurgents wanted when they provoked the LAPD to ending their rally with the riot police force. I am outraged that Police Chief Bratton would turn his back on his own force and I certainly hope they band together and toss him and his little dog Villain-gerosa out on their asses. It is time for a revolution when shit like this happens. I am glad I don't live in LA - what a cesspool it is becoming and now the LAPD is ham-strunged by the leader of the insurgents Villain-gerosa and his minions.

Well now Save Our State will have 60 new members!

LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- Police Chief William Bratton said Sunday that up to 60 members of an elite squad that swarmed into a park and fired rubber bullets during a May Day immigration rally are no longer on the street.

Bratton said he spent the weekend viewing video of the MacArthur Park incident and he said LAPD failures were widespread with officers from the top on down culpable.

"I'm not going to defend the indefensible," Bratton told journalists during a meeting at a television studio in Hollywood.

"Things were done that shouldn't have been done." [ Like illegal aliens protesting in our streets? Like illegal aliens tossing bottles and rocks at police? Like Villain-gerosa being in El Salvador conveniently for May 1st? ]

Journalists were among those roughed up as Metropolitan Division's B Platoon moved through MacArthur and fired 148 rubber bullets to break up what had been a peaceful and lawful immigration rally.

Police said they moved in after rocks and bottles were thrown at them by 30 to 40 agitators, he said.

The Metropolitan Division is the city's premier police squad, made up of experienced officers who have extensive training in crowd control.

Bratton said up to 60 members of the Metro's B Platoon are no longer in the field. Additionally, he said, some officers will "in all likelihood" not return to the Metropolitan Division.

"Some of this will be career-impacting," Bratton said, adding that imposition of permanent discipline will await completion of the Police Department investigation.

Journalist organizations asked why officers ignored LAPD policies toward the news media worked out after reporters were assaulted during the 2000 Democratic National Convention.

A 2002 agreement called for designation of a safe spot for reporters covering news events. LAPD spokeswoman Mary Grady acknowledged reporters were not given "a designated safe spot" at MacArthur Park. [ and they KNEW it before they went there ]

"There appears to have been here a failure to communicate," Press Photographers Association local president John McCoy said. [ there is a failure to enforce our LAWS and Bratton and Villain-gerosa are CRIMINALS - where is the hanging tree??? ]


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