Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The LAPD shows some kahunas

Happy happy joy joy! I hope someone got this on video!!!

From Immigrant Solidarity list - Hello Illegal Aliens? Do you get the HINT that you do NOT have the right to protest in our streets??? In fact YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS IN THIS COUNTRY EXCEPT TO BE SENT HOME!

Alert! Los Angeles Police Brutally Attacks Immigrant Marchers!
This just in! according to the Los Angeles Independent Media Center (http://la.indymedia.org) and the local media sources, police are now using tear gas and rubber bullets to attack peaceful immigrant rally marchers at McArthur Park (the end rally site), here's the news from LA IMC:
Update: 6:20 PM, 6:20 PM (PST): The police has sent tear gas into the crowd at Alvarado and 6th street. Thousands of people are panicking and running away. The police is also firing rubber bullets into the crowd. They have declared unlawful assembly to a family crowd in McArthur Park.
We'll be carefully following the story and any updates will be highly appreciated!


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