Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Illegalimmigrantprotest forum has been killed

Very sad to report this but Kimberly has decided to DELETE the IIP forum for "security" reasons. Two or more years of active discussions and information shared just GONE. If you are a former member of IIP we can meet again in some of the other forums such as Save Our State, which is a very good forum. I wanted to buy the domain but with the forum deleted, it is worth nothing. I offered less than the asking price for the domain because I thought I could restore the forum from backups for $150 from their hosting company, but Kimberly refuses to budge on the $399 price. So it would take close to $600 to restore the forum to how it was.

If former members are out there and want to contribute to this cause use the tip jar on my blog here and if specify it is for IIP and perhaps we can collect enough $$ to do it. The host keeps backups for 30 days but of course, there is no guarantee that the forum can be restored from backups - but there is a good chance.


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