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Here they go projecting racism again

This article appears on with a title of "Striking Back" regarding the upcoming May Day rallies. My comments are in red to the author of this crap.

By XicanoPwr [with comments from WhitePwr]

Those within wingnuttia have completely failed to grasp the power WE hold. [except when you are up against the LAPD in riot gear ] The immigration debate has awakened the sleeping giant and WE are forcefully speaking out against the racist nativism that has divided this nation. This debate has also brought out the monster in some.

This type of nativism has slowly infected the US like a cancer. It has pitted Americans against one another [ no it has pitted citizens against non-citizens]. And why not, this is not new, this type of baiting has worked in the past, and therefore, is being used again.

America has a long history when it comes to mass deportation. In fact, American capitalism has used Mexican workers as a reserve army of labor since the conquest of the Southwest.

History has shown the Mexican labor pool is heavily utilized during times of economic boom and repatriation during economic downturns. To American capitalist the border does not exist when it comes to exploitation.

Latinos are not the only group. Yet, this nation continues its tradition to bury almost four centuries worth of historical truths. History continues to point out this country is full of contradictions that resonate in America - the tension between freedom and authority, between public purpose and private initiative. It also has shown there has always been hostility felt towards African Americans, Latinos, and practically all Asians - which included South Asia from Arabia to Indochina, including India, Burma, Siam, the Malay states, the East Indian islands, Asiatic Russia, the Polynesian islands, and parts of Arabia and Afghanistan. And until this day, we all have been persecuted by American nativist.

Make no mistake; the present anti-immigration group will proceed in their race-baiting tactics to divide the country. They will criminalize the undocumented by calling them illegal; they dehumanize them by calling them aliens [ UMMM That is what they ARE Stupido]. They play on the fears of white narcissistic Americans. Their violent diatribes fed off their greed, by providing an illusion that the “WE” have our hand in their pockets and stealing the food from their child’s mouth. Their racist and fascist attacks against the “Mexicans” demonstrate their bloodthirsty capitalist essence. They don’t care about the millions of impoverished masses while they can meet the bottom line, the big house, the latest gadget, the big car - all to keep up with the American “Jones.”

The problem is that society has no moral dimension. If a deer shit in the forest, no one looks at the pile of droppings and thinks bad deer. However if you come across a pile of beer bottles in the forest, you think asshole. [ HUH????] Our leaders already know NAFTA and neo-liberalism ideology do not work which is playing a role in fueling the mass exodus to the United States and yet keep on pushing it, in fact, Congress approved CAFTA. That makes every supporter, and our leaders, morally and politically culpable, as if we had passed a Constitutional Amendment allowing segregation based on race to exist. We have yet to learn how to live within our means because we are deeply devoted to the idea that we should do what we want to do. We have abandoned a sense of common purpose for a sense of hyperindividualism, which is caused and reinforced by two social evils in our country - capitalism and imperialism. [ oh the REAL agenda comes out now]

Could it possibly be that THEY can’t stand to see those who THEY strongly think THEY have “conquered” make a life for OURSELVES? Do THEY really expect US to be at THEIR beck and call? To cut THEIR grass, mop THEIR floors, cook THEIR tacos, take care of THEIR children, and just say “Si, senor” every time? Why do THEY get paranoid when THEY hear Spanish? Are THEY afraid that the “conquered” are plotting against their oppressors? Could it be in their delusional thinking, if they forced US to stop speaking Spanish, THEY will be able to hear exactly what the details of OUR revolutionary plans? [ The people who hire you are not the people who want you to leave. It is middle class and lower class America who is saying GET OUT]

May Day is our day to celebrate our history, our struggle and our power. [ take your struggle and power TO MEXICO] WE will reject our colonizer [Umm this is OUR COUNTRY not YOURS] ; their day has come when it is the colonized who is speaking up. [ YOU are the INVADERS] The Movement is too strong and now gringo nativist will stop at nothing to cause a DIVIDE between the African Americans, Latinos, Asian Americans, and Native Americans. [ The African Americans are not WITH you bozo ] Who are they trying to fool? They have, seem to have forgotten their past crimes against humanity - slavery, whippings, lynching, black-white water fountains, burning crosses and so on. They will try to poison the mind of the few to make this us vs them - native vs foreign. [ Stop trying to play the civil rights card - it is NOT YOURS to play]

Follow me, as I shine the light in our time of darkness. [ shine that light as you make your way back to Mexico ] I am neither pontificator nor a soothsayer; I am just a person who is willing to bring a little fire in this cold world of ours. I understand the pain of not knowing what tomorrow will bring. I have seen behind the FACADE, the pretty flowers, the manicured lawns, and the massive wealth. My eyes are opened to the truth to the ills of this country - the corruption, the hatred, the violence, the racism, the ignorance, and the greed BEHIND this pretty facade. I am on to THEIR trick on how I should be GRATEFUL to live here, or how GOOD I should feel about licking the masters’ boots as the chalice of independence is being held before me, while at the same time it was just out of reach. I have seen THEM roll up into neighborhoods with their tricked-up Hummers forcing “Our” people to fight in THEIR murderous wars of exploitation and profit; killing people they don’t even know just to steal THEIR land and their resources! [ we don't want you to mow our lawns or pick our fruit or clean our toilets. The elites want that. We want you to get the hell out and stop bringing down our standard of living!!!! ]

I refuse to give in to the propaganda and I will raise my fist and stand up for my roots con MUCHO CORAZON. [ And I will fight you to the very death you invaders into my country ]

On May Day, this Nation will once again witness the unstopable movement, [ unstoppable till you meet up with the LAPD in riot gear - hahaha ] no matter how much they will try to strike fear to the voiceless. Like last year, I will live blog through out the day on the events that took place on May 1, 2007. It is time we say:

No to anti-immigrant legislation, and the criminalization of the immigrant communities. [ you ARE criminals! you entered our country illegally! ]

No to militarization of the border. [ yes to militarization and shoot on sight at the border ]

No to the immigrant detention and deportation. [ MORE raids yay! ]

No to the guest worker program. [ we agree there ]

No to employer sanction and “no match” letters. [ punish employers who break the law by hiring illegal aliens - including the government ]

The choice is YOURS on May 1 - Wear White T-Shirt and support the cause.

The choice is YOURS on May 1 - to take a stand on unfair attacks by gringo nativists [ racist ]- blinded by their ignorance, hate, bigotry and racism.

The choice is YOURS on May 1- to send a message to every jackbooted neo-nazi nativists - WE ARE STRONG … UNITED … ORGANIZED!

[ you will not find one racist thing that I have said in my response - yet I find lots of racists comments in your article - for the finger you point at us to say we are racists - there are 4 pointing back at you]


Well... no. You DO make racist comments-- many of them. Most noteably, you assume over and over again that the author of the original post is not an American when he clearly IS. What's more, you identify all Latinos as invaders of the U.S. This is laughable at best. Know your history, cracker. The Southwest-- yes, California included-- was, not so very long ago, MEXICO. Many Chicanos are on their native soil. It is Whitey-McWhiterson who has invaded what was once Aztlan. Don't be surprised when your chickens come home to roost.
I absolutely do NOT identify all Latinos as invaders. I have several friends in You Don't Speak for Me and I have other Latino friends who are legal immigrants and very much against illegal immigration. Illegal aliens from ANY country are invading and we will kick their asses out whatever color it might be. There are exactly ZERO illegal aliens on their native soil if they are in the United States. Check your history. Check the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo where we paid $15 million to Mexico for taking the southwest from them right AFTER we kicked their asses. That border crossed us nonsense is fantasy. There were some Mexicans in the disupted land but they had a choice to become Americans or leave. From then on they were Americans and the ones who left were NOT.

Take your God Damn chickens and shove them up your ass.

AZTLAN never existed. You have been sold a total line of BS. You and all illegal aliens are being maniuplated by socialists who are using you to further their agenda which is to destroy Democracy. This is backfiring on the illegal aliens because it is creating a hateful backlash against Hispanics and it is the fault of the violent socialists who are pushing them to demand rights when they are here illegally. STUPIDO!
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