Sunday, May 06, 2007

Baldwin Park vs Save Our State - Reconquistas need to be routed from office!

When I view this video I am consumed with hatred for Brown Supremacists and Americans better wake the Hell up and see what is happening to California and our Southwest. You are LOSING IT BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT AWARE OF WHAT IS HAPPENING.

Mayor Manuel Lozano of Baldwin Park, CA, solidly stands against the patriotic American group and defends the actions and intentions of the MECHA/Aztlan alliance with Communist Revolutionaries.

More media clips here

Oh My God when you see this video you will see the BARBARIANS that plan to invade this country as they are doing with the consent of Mayor Lozano, Mayor Villagiarosa, and our Presidente Jorge Boosh

"It is so nice to have Charles Kirkby produce an accurate portrayal of events that occur during our demonstrations. UNLIKE the news media whose broadcasts make me sick to my stomach. Kirkby TV rocks! Thanks to this fellow patriot we can defend our name against the media scum." - Harleymom

"KIRKBY TV ROCKS!!!!!!!!!! Judy Baca is full of so much crap and so is Lozano. Do they see with whom they are aligning themselves? Since when is the sickle and hammer a glowing endorsement of America and American ideals?" - MadameButterfly


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