Sunday, May 06, 2007

Baldwin Park Mayor guilty of Hate Speech and Racism

Legal American Citizens must call for the resignation of Baldwin Park, CA. mayor Manuel Lozano !
The "Mayor" of Baldwin Park California made Racist comments which could very well result in a lawsuit against him and the city of Baldwin Park for Defamation of Character !
During the 4:00 p.m. Broadcast on ABC Channel 7 News, The Mayor of Baldwin Park Manuel Lozano - visibly standing along side, and supporting the PRO-illegal immigration side - made RACIST, disparaging remarks -
In regard to a Illegal Immigration protest staged by the multi-ethnic , multi racial Patriot group "Save Our State".
During the 4:00 p.m. broadcast on ABC Channel 7 news,
Mayor Manuel Lozano said :
"'s unfortunate that "S.O.S." is here, I personally... I see them as a TERRORIST group and a RACIST group that does not represent mainstream America..."

*Watch it here
It's time for this racist mayor to step down!
His Racist agenda is now on
for ALL the world to see !
I am asking ALL Media outlets to investigate this statement.
Lou Dobbs !
Hannity and Combs !
Glenn Beck !
PLEASE Invite this racist mayor on your talk shows to explain his highly offensive remarks !
WE THE PEOPLE Demand an ON AIR Apology !
At least he should be made to explain his unfounded and unsubstantiated racist remarks !
* I offer to debate him regarding his remarks in any open forum of his choice !
Pass this email to EVERYONE on your email address book, to all you friends and family and to all you colleagues
This Racist, La Raza supporting ,reconquista enabling person MUST be held accountable for his disgusting racist offensive remarks !


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