Friday, May 04, 2007

And THIS from Indymedia in LA

So.. NOT unprovoked AnswerLA and all you other lying Commie sons of bitches.
The truth is out there - you cannot make stuff up and get away with it.

Police Attack May Day Demonstration with Tear Gas and Rubber Bullets.
LOS ANGELES, May 1, 2007 – An otherwise peaceful day of demonstrations throughout the city ended violently when the LAPD attacked [the right word is dispersed] the May Day march and rally in MacArthur Park today. A large rally numbering in the tens of 1,000s was driven from the park and the streets around the park. Families with young children were forced to flee as the police fired hundreds of rounds of rubber bullets and tear gas into the crowd. There are reports of many injuries, including journalists with a TV news crew. Some who have been hospitalized from their injuries. Witnesses report beatings with batons and many injuries from rubber bullets.

The first incident of police violence occurred at Wilshire & Parkview when police drove a row of motorcycles head on into the march. A brief scuffle broke out but the situation was diffused. It was the incident at 7th and Alvarado that sparked the police attack,
which resulted in the complete clearing of the park and scattered street fights with police in the neighboring area.


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