Monday, April 30, 2007

What they consider hate mail at Immigrant Solidarity

He sent this out to the mailing list like it is some kind of hate mail. I think I'll frame it.
Feel free to email and let him know you support him!

4/30: Hate E-Mail of the Date
April 30, 2007
why do you hold marches that insult me as a Hispanic that went thru the proper channels and got citizenship to America, and worked hard for years to do this right and follow the law? You insult me, you spit in my face and you spit in Lady Liberties face. You don't want to follow the law and do things right, you just want it easy and illegally. You make a mockery of this country and all that it stands for, as well as all of those of all races that becamse citizens the right way. I as a proud, hard working and legal American, as well as my family will fight you to the very end to prevent your illegal and wrong behaviour from being rewarded. You disgust me. I am embaressed to be hispanic when I see these rallies and marches.


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