Sunday, April 22, 2007

Today's events in DC - Hold Their Feet to the Fire

The rally in Lafayette Park today was a huge success - we had beautiful weather and a great showing of patriots. Our voices resounded all the way to the windows of the White House. The estimate is between 800 and 1000 people who showed up with lots of great signs and flags. We had a contingent of opposition who attempted to drown out the rally but they failed and it was a very small group of pro-illegals who showed up. The Park Police did a great job keeping the non-permit holding opposition behind yellow tape with dogs and mounted police. When they tried to use bullhorns, the police ushered them out of the park so that they were forced to use their bullhorns from the street which was ineffective at drowning the ralliers out. We got middle fingers, the F word, F America being shouted by the opposition who dared to call us the haters. Plenty of name calling referring to American patriots as racists and KKK, meanwhile the hate was on the other side of the yellow tape. Many patriots responded to them and matched their shouts but they remained well behaved compared to the opposition.

Speakers were D.A. King, Frosty Wooldridge, Dan Sheehy, Lupe Moreno, TJ Bonner, Roy Beck, Terry Anderson, Rick Oltman, Martha Zoller, Bob Park, KC McAlpin, Al Rodriguez, William Gheen, Peter Gadiel.

Ted Hayes made his presence known to the opposition in his unique and in-their-face way and took NO crap from the shouting children behind the yellow tape. So many patriots from the West Coast flew all the way to Washington to join this event.

Terry Anderson is starting his broadcast from the Phoenix Park Hotel at midnight tonight and then Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday about 40 radio shows hosts and bloggers will be demanding that our government NEVER grant amnesty to illegal aliens and that they SECURE OIR BORDERS! Also stay tuned for the Truck-Out starting Monday where the truckers will show their displeasure at Bush going ahead with opening our border to 100 Mexican trucking companies as some kind of "pilot" program. We don't need Mexican truckers on our roads putting our citizens in danger on the roads and putting our American truckers out of jobs.

Stay tuned for more updates from all our bloggers


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