Sunday, April 29, 2007

This just in... from Digger - ICE will be out for May 1st to round up participants

ICE And Border Patrol Will Be Stationed Among The Crowd In L.A. May 1
By Digger

Minuteman National Rally Spokesman Raymond Herrera appeared on Spanish language Channel 22 TV News Saturday night and declared that the Minutemen and ICE have been in talks and that both ICE and the Border Patrol will be at the rallies planned by illegal aliens throughout the country - and in particular LA - on May 1, 2007.
Raymond Herrera

I was notified by a reader that the following occurred on the show.

Herrera was interviewed opposite a Los Angeles organizer of the May 1 Protest, a grand motherly- looking woman, Gloria Saucedo, representing Hermandad Mexicana

An Annotated Recap:

The segment opened with Newscaster Jacqueline Llamas asking Herrera: Will the Minutemen be present and peaceful at the May 1 demonstration?

Minuteman Herrera: The Minutemen are always peaceful - they are just moms and dads. People of peace, people of god.

Herrera At Johnny Carson Park, Burbank

Newscaster Llamas: Asked Hermandad Mexicana Organizer Gloria Saucedo to talk about the Los Angeles May 1 Protest

Hermandad Mexicana: Gloria Saucedo - very grand motherly - invited everyone to attend the downtown L.A. May 1 event. She said it will be the community coming together. To send a loud voice in support of the undocumented. She cautioned students to attend after school, then stated the time and location of the protest. She was very kindly in her presentation. Sweet.

Minuteman Herrera: When Saucedo finished, Herrera looked directly into the camera and said: ICE has met with the Minutemen. ICE and the Border Patrol will be stationed among the crowd at the L.A. May 1 protest. Anyone without papers will be subject to apprehension. They will also be photographing the crowd and their license plates. All undocumenteds would be well advised to stay home from this May 1 protest; they risk apprehension should they attend.

Hermandad Mexicana: Gloria Saucedo, suddenly, was not so kindly in her approach, in fact, she started yelling: THOSE ARE BIG LIES! HE IS A BIG FAT LIAR! Do not be afraid - have no fear - there will be no Agents there. Her face was very angry as she yelled into the camera.

Minuteman Herrera: No I am not lying - ICE and the Border Patrol will be there. YOU are lying - he said to Saucedo - you are lying to the people. This protest should take place in Mexico - you should take your flags and your noise and go to Mexico to hold your protest. Protest Mexico! Revolution in Mexico!

The interview ended with the newscaster saying good night - Herrera also said good night - BUT Gloria Saucedo was still yelling: LIES - LIES.

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