Sunday, April 29, 2007

Rape victim encounters illegal alien attacker after he should have been deported

Enough already! How much more of this crap do we have to tolerate?

Rape victim encounters attacker

Panel advances bill closing loophole that aids illegals

By Alan Gathright, Rocky Mountain News
April 26, 2007
A teenage rape victim in Adams County believed she would be safe after her attacker, an illegal immigrant, agreed to "voluntary" deportation from the United States.

"A few weeks later, this girl is walking down the street and comes face to face with her rapist," Rep. Amy Stephens, R-Monument, told the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday. "You want to talk about trauma? You want to talk about just the awful feelings this produced in this young woman?"

Stephens urged the committee to close a loophole that gives career criminals facing stiff prison time a "get-out-of-jail-free card" that U.S. citizens can't obtain.

Offenders routinely admit they're illegal immigrants and demand deportation. Their attorneys later get state criminal charges dismissed by telling a judge the defendant has been "deported against their will," as one law enforcement official put it. They even get their bond money back.

As the Adams County case shows, deportation is operated on a kind of "honors system," which crooks violate to stay in the country, Stephens said. "This is an issue of getting justice for victims," said Stephens, sponsor of House Bill 1040 that aims to slam shut that loophole.

The committee agreed, voting unanimously to advance the bill.

It bars dismissing criminal charges when illegal immigrants are released to federal immigration authorities. Instead, a judge must issue an arrest warrant, so if a deported offender is caught re-entering the country, he'll be re-arrested on the prior charge. The bill also allows for the defendants to be prosecuted for the state crime and serve prison time here.

[ok is it just me or is this idiotic that there even has to be a BILL for this?????]

To pay for increased jail time for some of the estimated 16,000 illegal immigrants arrested annually in the state for crimes besides unlawful entry, the bill requires that bonds posted by deported offenders will be seized by the state. or 303-954-5486


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