Saturday, April 28, 2007

NumbersUSA: Call your reps NOW if you want to stop amnesty!

Well ok you can't really call them NOW because right now it's Saturday night..but get those phones ringing off the hook starting Monday. Roy Beck of NumbersUSA couldn't make it easier for you. Take just 30 minutes to make some calls and make your opinion known to these traitors who wish to give away citizenship to illegal aliens!!!


Independents: Call your members of Congress to stop White House / Kennedy amnesty

This new Phone Call Request has been posted in your Action Buffet based on your answers to the Interest Survey.

You can find this Phone Call Request by proceeding to 7808

Update on the Bush/Kennedy amnesty effort:

Here are the basics of where things stand (posted April 25):

1. You will remember when we broke the story to you about the White House amnesty plan in March. It included some good stuff like the end of Chain Migration and the Lottery a nd also had perhaps 90% of the enforcement measures we want. But it also included another 400,000 a year increase in permanent immigration and full legalization of nearly all the 12-20 million illegal aliens. The destructiveness in the plan far outweighed the benefits.

2. Monday, the Hill was rife with rumors that Sen. Kyl (R-AZ) had come to an agreement with Sen. Kennedy on the "principles" of the comprehensive compromise. Since nobody believes Kennedy would ever agree to anything that didn't let illegal aliens stay permanently, that was terrible news. Kyl has tended to hold the line against any full-scale amnesty in the past. If he agreed to any kind of long-term legalization, that would bring along a lot of Republican Senators with him, according to conventional wisdom. We could not get any answers from his office. Because the rumors were primarily fanned by the White House, it is possible that the Kyl agreement with Kennedy didn't really happen. Many House Re publicans lately have complained that the White House has been pushing inaccurate information to create a sense of momentum behind its amnesty efforts.

3. Today, the news media is saying what we have been hearing for a week: that the White House has agreed to drop a whole bunch of the good stuff in its plan in order to get along better with Kennedy.

4. But Kennedy and his open-border-advocate allies are balking, saying that the tougher parts that remain are still too much for them. They are demanding that the White House compromise farther toward Kennedy.

5. The White House is apparently balking -- not because Kennedy's demands for giant new flows of foreign labor are outrageous but mainly because the White House is insisting on a guest worker program. Kennedy and his union allies admirably at least insist on more protections for American workers so that the guest workers will be less likely to drive down their wages.

6. The White House's outlaw business friends (the ones who have broken immigration laws for years) are saying they will oppose the amnesty if it has too many worker protections in it. That is making it difficult for Bush to move any farther toward Kennedy.

7. Background of all of this is that most of the Republican Senators whom the White House is wooing to help him pass an amnesty are being hit daily by constituents demanding promises not to support any type of amnesty. It is so very important that the fax and phone calls do not stop.

There is no room for letting up on your House Representative and your two Senators.

We are convinced that your incredible outpouring of faxes and phone calls the last month is the only reason the Kennedy/Bush amnesty has not already passed the Senate.

Don't let up now!


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