Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Monday night March to Free the Border Agents

Monday evening about 40 patriots assembled in front of the White House to send George Bush a direct message to Free the Border Agents - Ramos, Compean and Hernandez. Among the group were Joe Loya, Ignacio Ramos' father-in-law and Monica Ramos, his wife, as well as his father, and several other Ramos family members. Also in attendance were TJ Bonner of the Border Patrol Council, James Spencer of the Crispus Attucks Brigade
, Frank Jorge of Antelope Valley Minutemen, Carmen Morales of You Don't Speak For Me, Ted Hayes, Ray Herrera (the organizer of the Border Agent vigil) of The Minuteman Project, Robin Hvidston, National Rally Coordinator with the Minuteman Project,William Gheen of Alipac and several of the bloggers from Blogger's Row here in DC.

The White House residence windows were dark but we made quite a noise, especially once Ted Hayes joined the group and led the chants with his incredible voice. We were told we needed to stand in the street, not on the sidewalk, because the attending police did not want us to block tourists attempting to photograph the White House. We were also told not to use candles for our candlelight vigil because we might drip wax onto the sidewalk. Seems like an awful lot of restrictions for citizens just to voice their opinions to El Presidente, but we complied. Overall the police were helpful and provided an escort as we marched from the White House to the Justice Department where we held an impromptu press conference on the plight of the Border Agents Ramos and Compean, with the Department of Justice as a backdrop.

We did notice that the White House has a very nice FENCE around it complete with many guards and it seems quite effective at keeping people out. We were all wondering if perhaps George Bush would support opening the WHITE HOUSE BORDER and take down his fence, since it really sends a very unfriendly message to citizens. He could probably erect some of those handy electronic surveillance cameras he is recommending for our southern border. I'm not holding my breath to see him ever buy into that idea.. but he sure seems confident we DON'T need a fence at our southern border despite the fact that thousands of illegal aliens stream over it EVERY DAY.


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