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Illegal Aliens Apprehended Carrying Bank of America Credit Cards!

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Boycott Bank of America Illegal immigrant suspects had records. Two of 9 caught at hotel are fugitives, Morganelli says.

EASTON | Two of the nine suspected illegal immigrants detained Monday when they arrived for work at Hotel Bethlehem had criminal records, District Attorney John Morganelli said Tuesday.

Morganelli said Flor Rocha, of Falls Church, Va., was wanted in California for a dangerous drugs charge, but officials wouldn't extradite him back to California. Juan Carlos Hinjosa, of Springfield, Va., was wanted by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials after he was arrested in February 2005.

The illegal immigrants -- seven from Bolivia, one from El Salvador and one from Guatemala -- were working for a subcontractor putting up drywall at the hotel. Morganelli received a complaint that led to the investigation and apprehension of the nine men.

Morganelli said the subcontractor was a Virginia-based company which claims the men were individual contractors.

By Sarah Cassey
The Express-Times
April 4, 2007

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"We know that's just a way to avoid worker's compensation," Morganelli said. He added the title of individual contractor gives the company plausible deniability in immigration cases.

Eight of the men lived in Virginia and one lived in Maryland. Morganelli said none would face local charges. The men were turned over to immigration officials and taken into federal custody.

Morganelli said two of the men were able to get Bank of America credit cards under a new program where the bank does not require social security numbers or a credit history to open an account.

The cards listed the men's names with additional last names.

"Obviously they're not doing a good job identifying their customers," Morganelli said.
Morganelli said he was also disappointed with response from ICE officials.

When county detectives asked for ICE's help, immigration officials asked detectives why they weren't apprehending gang members or drug dealers, Morganelli said.

"I'm very annoyed by this," Morganelli said. "Our office does not need to be questioned we expect (ICE) to do their job."

A recent government report found ICE has lost track of 623,000 fugitive aliens, Morganelli said.

Morganelli said this wasn't the first time his office faced disrespect from customs enforcement. Morganelli said he has lodged a complaint with Congressman Charlie Dent and planned to speak with U.S. Attorney Patrick Meehan.

Ernestine Fobbs, an ICE spokeswoman, said the agency responded when Morganelli asked for assistance and all nine men are going through the removal process.

"This is something we do on a daily basis across the nation," Fobbs said.

Fobbs said Morganelli could contact the Law Enforcement Support Center if he had any issues with ICE.

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