Saturday, April 14, 2007

Hold Their Feet to the Fire! April 22-26th

Hold Their Feet to the FIRE!

I have joined the ranks of official bloggers for this event so I will be stationed in Blogger's Row and reporting on all the events here at this blog and also with video posted on youtube right from my laptop at the Phoenix Hotel.

If you would like to help defray costs for me to make this trip (about $1000 when said and done) please click the Paypal donation button on the right side of my blog and many thanks if you do feel motivated to help my grassroots efforts to Stop The Invasion!

I have also decided to offer DVD video highlights of the events at Hold Their Feet to the Fire if you donate $50 or $100. If you would like a DVD please make sure you include your mailing address.

For a $50 donation I will send you a 30 minute DVD video of the highlights of the Feet to the Fire event

For a $100 donation or more I will send you a full hour DVD of highlights from the Feet to the Fire event.

There will be many well known faces to interview, including Joey Vento from Geno's Steaks in Philadelphia and of course there will be the big Truck-Out Boycott which you can read more about at On Monday April 23rd truckers will encircle the White House with tractor trailers - surely a sight to see!

Visit to see the full list of radio show hosts and groups participating in this patriotic event.


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