Friday, April 20, 2007

Countdown to Hold Their Feet to the Fire

Tomorrow is travel day and I'm really looking forward to participating in this event. I am driving to DC so my travel will be much less complicated than many of the other participants. I believe the REAL patriots are participating in this event. Do you realize how much it is costing many of the participants? This is truly giving of oneself for their country for most of the people participating and that is especially true of the bloggers and other volunteers who are spending lots of their time and money to make this event a turning point in history. I am so psyched about the TRUCK-OUT and can't wait to see the White House encircled with tractor trailers! The MSM will not be able to ignore this event although they have tried to do so. Come Monday, they will not be able to ignore us any longer.

So many of us only know each other in cyberspace so it will be AWESOME to meet other passionate patriots in person.

I am not afraid of the goonage that plans to try to spoil our party. They only embolden us when they show up in opposition. They are the ones who are supporting illegal behavior and the undoing of our culture and our country as we know it. I will stand tall against their threats and attempts at violence - meanwhile they try to label US as violent and racist and all the while it is THEY who are the violent and racist ones. Everything for the race.. aka La Raza. Hello? That is umm.. racist.

Oh and by the way -

For a $50 donation I will send you a 30 minute DVD video of the highlights of the Feet to the Fire event

For a $100 donation or more I will send you a full hour DVD of highlights from the Feet to the Fire event.

Click the Paypal Donate link on the right side of the page for your highlight DVD.. I will be getting a LOT of great video at this event.


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