Friday, April 27, 2007

Congressman Nunes has signed HR 563 to pardon the Border Agents

I checked yesterday on
and his name now appears there as a co-sponsor for HR 563. We are so grateful to the lobbyists who helped make this happen and we are happy as bloggers to have helped bring down the pressure on Congressman Nunes for being so dismissive to the family of Ignacio Ramos.

Here's a photo from the meeting the next day with Congressman Nunes's staffer, Andrew House where he announced to Ignacio Ramos, SR., Gloria Olsen, Nacho's cousin, Rita and Jim Bonilla (YDSFM), Chris Burgard (producer of "Borders"), Mariann Davies and Diana Sanchez (YDSFM) that the Congressman indeed would co-sponsor HR 563 the Congressional Pardon for the Border Patrol Agents. This was Tuesday afternoon (4/24/07). (Photo Courtesy of Mariann Davies of YDSFM)

Photo depicts Rita Bonilla, Chris Burgard (in background) and Andrew House, from Rep. Nunes (R-CA) office:


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