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Border-agent investigator had tie to smuggler

So it seems Rene Sanchez, the Border Agent now in Willcox AZ Border Patrol Station and this Christopher Sanchez must be related - cousins or brothers or what? They both seem to have grown up with Mexican drug smuggler Aldrete-Davila. So.. let me ask a stupid question.. Doesn't DHS and the Border Patrol do background checks before they hire people? Why on EARTH would they allow a person with ties to a Mexican drug smuggler be hired into a position tasked with stopping the flow of Mexican drugs? Is it just me or does that seem stupid? Sort of like the fox guarding the hen house... The question remains as to how many other people are in DHS who have ties to oh I don't know.. maybe an Islamic extremist or two?

Oh and let's not forget that these agents are in prison for longer than many MURDERERS, DRUG DEALERS and RAPISTS. And what they were supposedly guilty of.. not filing a report.. which we now know is NOT TRUE.. is equivalent to what Martha Stewart did and look at where she spent HER measely couple of years .. at Camp Cupcake... not in general population where she could get murdered by the people she put in prison.. The Enron executives who stole millions from regular hard working people got.. how many years in prison? Two of them faced over 10 years in prison - Michael Kopper and Mark Koenig - what did they get? less than TWO YEARS!

Border-agent investigator had tie to smuggler

Played major role in Ramos-Compean case but name blacked out in report
Posted: February 9, 2007
1:00 a.m. Eastern

By Jerome R. Corsi
© 2007

According to official documents in WND's possession, a Department of Homeland Security agent played a major role in managing the drug smuggler and conducting the field investigation in the incident that landed Border Patrol officers Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean in federal prison for more than a decade.

Yet, in the heavily redacted 77-page DHS report submitted to Congress Wednesday there is no explicit discussion of the role DHS Special Agent Christopher Sanchez played in the case.

Rep. John Culberson, R-Texas, yesterday called for the resignation of four DHS investigators, including Assistant Inspector General Elizabeth Redman, after DHS Inspector General Richard Skinner testified under oath his deputies had lied to Congress about non-existent reports that were supposed to have established Ramos and Compean as rogue cops who wanted to "shoot some Mexicans."

WND has obtained a copy of the government-issued border pass given to Osbaldo Aldrete-Davila, the drug smuggler granted immunity to testify against Ramos and Compean. The border pass allowed multiple entries to the U.S. and carried the signature and badge number of Sanchez.

The border pass appears to have been issued March 16, 2005, the day Sanchez brought Aldrete-Davila to William Beaumont Army Medical Center in El Paso, Texas, to have a bullet removed from his right thigh.

"Aldrete-Davila was issued what amounts to a 'Gold Elite' border pass," Andy Ramirez, chairman of the Friends of the Border Patrol, told WND. "With the stamp for multiple entries into the United States, Aldrete-Davila didn't have to run the back roads as a drug smuggler any more. He could tell his drug bosses in Mexico that he could drive their loads right through border crossing points without much worry."

WND previously reported Aldrete-Davila was implicated in a second drug bust in October 2005, subsequent to the Feb. 17, 2005 incident with Ramos and Compean in which he abandoned a 1989 Ford Econoline containing 743 pounds of marijuana driven across the border from Mexico.

"With that border pass, Aldrete-Davila had the green light," Ramirez told WND. "He might have been indicted if the vehicle he drove in October 2005 with 1,000 pounds of dope was identified back to a border-crossing photograph, but he probably never had to be arrested."

The prosecutor of Ramos and Compean, U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton, has told WND that Aldrete-Davila was never arrested a second time for a drug offense in October 2005, but Sutton has never denied the smuggler was indicted for such an offense.

Medical records obtained by WND clearly establish the bullet wounds suffered by Aldrete-Davila involved a lateral wound to the left buttocks, not a "shot in the back" as repeatedly claimed by Sutton.

The medical records document that March 16, 2005, Dr. Winston Marne removed a large bullet fragment from Aldrete-Davila's right thigh. The records indicate bullet fragments were found in Aldrete-Davila's pelvis but not removed. The path of the bullet is clearly described as entering in the left side of the left buttocks, traversing the groin area, and lodging in the right thigh.

The records also indicate reconstructive surgery was performed on Aldrete-Davila the same day at the army hospital. Damage to the urethra required a catheter to be inserted. Aldrete-Davila was placed under anesthetics for the operation and was heavily sedated for pain.

The drug smuggler was released from the army hospital the same day and given to the protective custody of Sanchez, who also took with him the bullet fragment removed from Aldrete-Davila's thigh.

WND has learned Aldrete-Davila spent the night of March 16, 2005, at the home of Sanchez.

"Christopher Sanchez shows up again with the shell fragments from Aldrete-Davila's body," Ramirez pointed out to WND. "Sanchez was evidently Aldrete-Davila's handler and from the looks of it, he did a good job. Taking that bullet home broke the chain of evidence. From there on, what good would a report be even if it established the bullet was fired from Ramos' gun?"

WND previously reported that the weapons identifications ballistics analysis performed by the Texas Department of Public Safety on the bullet fragment held by Sanchez did not match the bullet to the weapons fired Feb. 17, 2005 by Ramos or Compean.

March 16, 2005, was also the date "Osvaldo" Aldrete-Davila signed and accepted his offer of immunity from Sutton's office, supposedly signed before the medical operation was performed and the border pass issued. There is no time stamp noted on the immunity document nor mention of the location where the document was signed.

As WND reported, Sanchez grew up with Aldrete-Davila in Mexico, and the drug dealer's identity was first discovered through these family connections.

WND repeatedly has noted many of the DHS investigative reports were filed by Sanchez, who appears to have played a major role in the DHS field investigation.

"There was no reason to have redacted Christopher Sanchez's name from the report," Ramirez told WND. "Sanchez was a DHS special agent. But everywhere you look, Sanchez shows up playing a role shepherding the drug dealer around and framing the evidence that ended up being used by Johnny Sutton to put Ramos and Compean in prison for 11 and 12 years respectively."


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