Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Bank of America Protest - Operation Bankrupt in Philadelphia suburbs

Come join us on March 10th in suburban Philadelphia to let Bank of America know how we feel about them giving credit cards to illegal aliens. If you have a Bank of America account, March 10th is a good day to close it while we are protesting.

Date: Saturday March 10th
Time: 11am to 1pm

The address is:

723 Street Road
Southampton, PA

Here is a map link to the spot

It is near the Willow Grove exit of the PA Turnpike. With the above link, a person could get directions from their location to the protest spot.

The bank is open from 9-1pm. We plan to be there from 11-1pm..
The location is near a busy intersection.

Tips from Fire Coalition on how to make March 10th more effective:

If you are planning on participating in Operation BANKRUPT on March 10th (our financial protest against Bank of America for offering credit cards to illegal aliens), here are some practical steps you'll need to know to maximize our effectiveness. You can even participate if you don't have a Bank of America Account

1. As soon as possible, you'll need to stop all direct deposits and automatic withdrawals to and from your account.

2. Make sure you do not write any checks that won't clear by March 10th, 2007.

3. Establish an account with a pro-American bank. What does this mean? Ask to make sure the bank does not accept the Matricula Consular card (a card that is used by foreign nationals to open bank accounts). Of course also make sure that the bank requires a Social Security Number in order to apply for credit. A couple of National Banks to check out are: Countrywide Bank, World Savings, and National City Banks. If none of these banks are in your area, call around to local or regional banks.

4. Check at OperationBANKRUPT.com to find an organized location near you to close your account at. Even if you are not a Bank of America customer, we can use your support to give the bank managers a piece of your mind (or you can attempt to open an account without a Social Security Number).

5. If, by March 10th, there is not an organized protest location near you, please do one of two things to assist the effort:
a. Close your account at your nearest Bank of America and complain to the manager about their policies.
b. If you have a Wells Fargo or Washington Mutual Account, close your accounts with them.

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