Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Activists split over new 'Day Without an Immigrant'

A proverbial split in the ole armor I see. Well maybe they realized that most of America was HAPPY to have a day without illegal aliens!

NORTH COUNTY ---- Immigrant rights activists from Los Angeles say they plan to repeat last May's "Day Without an Immigrant" boycott in which many immigrants passed on work and school to protest what they called unfair immigration proposals, but local activists say a second such protest may not be a good idea.

Local activists for the immigrant community are still considering whether they would participate in another national day of protest. But other state and national figures, including Dolores Huerta, a leading Latino rights activist who co-founded the United Farm Workers with Cesar Chavez, say they would not support a boycott.

One of the main concerns among those opposing this year's boycott is fear of a backlash against the community. Some say a boycott could lead to workers losing their jobs, students being expelled and further emphasizing critics' views of Latinos as outsiders.

Last year's protest created some public backlash from anti-illegal immigration groups who called the boycott irreverent and misdirected.

Bill De La Fuente, who founded a North County-based Latino Merchants Association, said he supported last year's protest, but he is not sure he will again this year.

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