Wednesday, February 07, 2007

$10 million cocaine drug bust in Philadelphia

Just the tip of the ole iceberg but we need MORE of these "tips" to stem the flow of drugs that GEORGE BUSH is allowing to FLOOD into this country with his OPEN BORDERS AGENDA and his NAU HIGHWAY plans. I'll tell you what is rotten besides the fruit in that tractor trailer.. it is our government!

Cocaine worth millions seized

Acting on a tip, city police stopped a truck and found 100 kilos of cocaine packed in boxes of rotting fruit.
By Robert Moran
Inquirer Staff Writer

Somewhere, a drug lord just lost his happy face.

Philadelphia police yesterday seized 100 kilograms of cocaine worth $10 million that had been stashed amid boxes of moldy papayas inside a tractor-trailer.

"This is the biggest seizure in the history of the Philadelphia Police Department," said Police Commissioner Sylvester M. Johnson at a news conference last night at a police facility in Feltonville.

That's where the tractor-trailer - also packed with pallets of aloe vera, peppers and limes - was unloaded with a forklift over the course of several hours last night.

The drug bust came one day after police announced the seizure of $1.5 million in marijuana and Ecstasy pills.

Last year, the department confiscated $140 million worth of drugs - the highest amount in city history. Already this year, the police have seized more than $15 million worth, Johnson said.

Late Monday night, police were tipped off that a truck carrying drugs was parked at a location in Northeast Philadelphia, said Chief Inspector William Blackburn, head of the Narcotics Bureau.

Around 7 a.m. yesterday, the truck was driven onto Interstate 95 south to the Aramingo Avenue exit. Narcotics officers following the truck decided to stop it in a Kmart parking lot in Port Richmond.

Police brought a K-9 unit to the scene and a drug-sniffing dog registered a hit - an indication that drugs were on board.

The truck was taken first to the Frankford Arsenal, then to the Feltonville facility, at Macalester Street and Whitaker Avenue, where it was unloaded.

In the middle of the trailer, investigators found 100 one-kilo packages of cocaine wrapped in black electrical tape inside boxes of rotting fruit.

Two men were arrested: Marcus Diaz, 46, of Texas, the driver; and Rubin Boria, 30, of Holmesburg, who was picked up by Diaz in Philadelphia. They face numerous drug charges. Both men, who have criminal records, were not armed.

Blackburn said that Diaz drove the truck from Texas and that the drugs were destined for the neighborhoods of Philadelphia.

A narcotics officer said each kilo was worth about $25,000 wholesale.

So the shipment's wholesale value is about $2.5 million.

But once cocaine is diluted for street sales, its value sharply increases.

Obviously the cocaine came north through the Mexican border, but its source was unknown, police said.

"I don't know if this will make a dent" in Philadelphia's drug problem, Johnson said. "But this is $10 million in cocaine that won't hit the streets of Philadelphia."


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