Friday, December 01, 2006

What kind of people are backing illegal aliens?

Well.. apparently the Communist Party of the United States is firmly behind amnesty for illegal aliens and giving them whatever rights they demand.

A description of People's Weekly World

Peoples Weekly World, the newspaper of the Communist Party, USA. The PWW covers student, community, religious, peace and labor organizations. The Peoples Weekly World also prints the views and perspectives of the CPUSA. The PWW is a communist weekly publication and part of the growing independent media movement. Many view the PWW as a progressive, leftist, radical and socialist weekly newspaper reporting on the anti-globalization and anti-capitalism movements

Here are some of the stories they are covering on their main page:

North Carolina Smithfield workers win against the odds (story favors the illegal aliens)
Houston janitors score big victory (they fail to mention most are illegals)
Their Super Sunday Event which features "immigration rights activist" Elvira Arellano

Umm.. no. .she is NOT an immigration RIGHTS activisit. She is an ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINAL who the US intends to DEPORT. Illegal aliens do not have freaking RIGHTS. So by supporting this kind of thing and supporting the Smithfield "worker's rights" who are also illegal aliens, the People's Weekly reveals their real agenda is destroying the democracy of the United States.

Would everyone PLEASE WAKE UP NOW and start doing something about this????

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