Thursday, December 07, 2006

This is how simple it is...

If you entered this country illegally, sneaking in over the border, packed in the back of a van or whatever other way illegal aliens have used to get into this country - you are NOT an IMMIGRANT you are a CRIMINAL. If you came here with a visitor visa or H1B Visa or Student Visa and you overstay your Visa you are NOT AN IMMIGRANT you are a CRIMINAL.

The United States of America has Immigration Laws just like every other country on this planet and we as American Citizens HAVE A RIGHT to DEMAND that our government ENFORCE them. Immigrants have clearly defined rights. ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS DO NOT.

I'm SICK and TIRED of hearing about "immigrant rights" when they really mean the rights of the criminal illegal aliens. I have news for you. Illegal aliens have NO rights in this country to ANYTHING. You don't have the right to be paid any particular wage. You don't have the right to freedom of speech. You don't have the right to march in our streets with your Mexican flags waving. You don't have the right to drive vehicles on our highways. You don't have the right to take taxpayer money to support your family. You DON'T HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE HERE.

Every single American citizen who protects illegal aliens is a FELON in the laws of this country and we need to start prosecuting in that way. That means Federal judges who block local governments from ordinances against illegal aliens based on the freaking Constitutionality.. Hello but illegal aliens are not covered under our Constitution. Our forefathers must be turning over in their graves to see what has become of our Constitution and how our government IGNORES it. It also covers illegal alien bleeding heart sympathizers who sue American citizens who simply believe we need to enforce our existing immigration laws. They harrass patriotic citizens with lawsuits to bully their way to selling out our country.

This particular American has had enough and I am devoting at least 90% of my FREE TIME to this cause. My free time is not spent watching TV so that is pretty much all the time I am not working, sleeping, eating. I pledge to make it my personal responsibility to do EVERYTHING I can do within the law to repel this wave of invading scumbags from our country.

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