Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Recent attacks on ICE for the way raids being conducted

This is not my writing.. it is credited to Don on CloseBordersNow Yahoo discussion group.
It is very well said so I wanted to spread it around.


Illegal aliens are people who knowingly cross an international border
into another country, often paying a professional smuggling ring or
gaining entry to the United States by participating in illegal drug
smuggling. For those illegals that do not have much money, they pay
off their smuggling fees by retailing drugs in the US. Women are more
likely to pay for transit with sex, either as full-time prostitutes
or working part-time or temporary. In order to obtain work in the
USA, the illegal aliens must ALSO produce faked or stolen documents
at the time of hire. Fake documents are sold by amateur and
professional rings, often at flea markets. These same illegal aliens
can skip the fake documents as long as they can work as day laborers
for cash, from which no taxes, social security or medicare deductions
are withheld. The only taxes they cannot avoid is sales tax. Of
course, income tax evasion is a crime (serious enough to land Al
Capone in prison for the rest of his natural life).

Illegal aliens who bring their families create even greater burdens
on the public. The children, and there are unusually many, are sent
to local public schools. No matter what their age, they have to be
provided instruction in their own language, meaning public schools
must provide Spanish instruction for all of K-12. Sick relatives,
most especially are brought to this country, for the free medical
care we provide. Anchor babies are automatically free under Medicaid.
(The only good thing about anchor babies is it increases the
likelihood that the parents will bother to get married, so they can
both claim a right to residency in the US.) Food Stamps are provided
based on the number of dependents and assume the costs of a healthy
diet, not the cheap fatty foods they prefer. State and local laws are
enforced by the police, the Mexican government provides direct legal
aid to keep them out of jail. When they are caught by immigration
authorities, lawyers often get them released until their immigration
hearing. If they bother to show at the immigration hearing, they
leave the community before they can be deported. If they are actually
deported, they can cross the border the next morning and return to
their old neighborhood or go to a different state and begin anew.
They ignore letters, in spanish and English, sent by immigration
authorities and are always a high flight risk, no matter what the

Was a show of force actually necessary during the Swift "raid"?
Absolutely. Otherwise, it would have been totally pointless. We need
to convince illegal aliens that their life of crime will not be
tolerated and our laws are not strongly worded suggestions. Stop
trying to CONVINCE or PERSUADE illegal aliens of the validity of
American law. We need to show them that the law does not depend on
their agreement or approval. What's more, being apprehended may not
always be convenient and conditions in jail may not actually remind
them of home.

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