Sunday, December 10, 2006

Infant kidnapped at gunpoint in Florida

Oh but these are all just hard working people who are just looking for a better life right? They're just like the immgrants who founded this country right? Yeah.. take another sip of the kool aid folks.. a large portion of these illegals are going to get amnesty by our newly elected representatives so might as well get used to them. And the majority of people voted to put exactly the people into government who will support amnesty so if that happens, you are all to blame - all of you idiots who allowed the media to manipulate you into believing because of Tom Foley all Republicans were bad.. and because of Bush's policy in Iraq all Republicans are bad. I have news for you - the Iraq war was supported by a lot of Democrats INCLUDING Kerry.

For once why don't Americans turn off the TV and think for themselves before it's too late...


FORT MYERS, Fla. - A missing month-old boy kidnapped at knifepoint was taken as payment because his parents failed to pay human smugglers, police said Saturday.

Bryan Dos Santos Gomes' parents were brought into the United States illegally from Brazil, but failed to pay the smugglers' entire fee, Fort Myers Police Chief Hilton Daniels said.

Bryan has been missing since Dec. 1 when he and his mother, Maria Fatima Ramos Dos Santos, as well as another woman and a baby, were approached by a woman driving a black sports utility vehicle. The women, who did not know the driver, agreed to give directions and entered the SUV with their children, police said.

The driver later forced one mother and child out of the car, and made off with Ramos and her baby, police said. Ramos was released south of Fort Myers shortly afterward, but the woman in the SUV kept her baby.

"We are still looking for this woman, but it is not a woman who desperately needed a baby," police spokeswoman Shelly Flynn said in a story posted on the News-Press Web site. "Now we are looking for a group of people."

Police initially reported the baby's name as Brayn. A spokesman for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement did not have any additional information about the case Saturday.

Local churches have posted a $21,000 reward for Bryan's return.


And more details

Authorities suspect the woman who abducted Bryan Dos Santos may still be in Florida, possibly in an urban center such as Orlando, Tampa or Miami. The FBI in Tampa appealed to immigrants across the state to report any leads on women who have a baby, but didn’t appear pregnant before or said they had an unattended birth.

Bryan’s mother, Maria Fatima Ramos Dos Santos, told authorities that she, Bryan, and a friend and her child were walking in Fort Myers on Dec. 1st when they were approached by a woman in a dark sport utility vehicle.

That was the headlines in the Tampa Bay Online on the 7th of Dec. but now the news on television is saying that this mother promised to give up her baby to a HUMAN SMUGGLING SERVICE in return for ILLEGALY smuggling her into America from Brazil and when she go here she refused so they plotted to get it from her. TBO has not done an update, yet but it is in our news daily that they are looking for these monsters.

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