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Guest Worker Program Will Hurt America

Nov 9 2006
Guest Worker Program Will hurt America

by: Steve Hampton

While the President of the United States, many Democrats and almost all Pro-Illegal Immigration support groups claim how wonderful the so called "Temporary Guest Worker Program" is, when it comes down to the details its clear that this will become the greatest loop hole in the history of illegal immigration.

The problems of this so called "Temporary Guest Worker Program" are many and each aspect of it, simply means our Illegal Immigration numbers will swell to unimagined numbers.

Lets start of with the most obvious. Currently 1/3 of all the 15-20 Million Illegal Immigrants have used a variety of US VISAs to use as a gate of entry into the USA. They dont need to climb over walls, build tunnels or get smuggled over. They simply sign some papers, and promise to go back home. That's where the problem happens. They dont go home ! They hide through out our country, taking American jobs, taking American paid benefits, and many commit crimes to innocent American victims, many of which are children. Recently Rep Steven King reported as many as 25 Americans are killed daily by accident ( Like driving while intoxicated ) and as results of various crimes directly by Illegal Immigrants. That's more Americans killed by Illegal Immigrants then in the IRAQ WAR. Using Government numbers by the GAO he also went on to say as many as 8 children are molested by illegal immigrants daily. So, since we cant even find millions of Illegal Immigrants that have Illegally over stayed their VISAs, how do we remove these so called "Guest Workers" when the job is done ?? Also, if we cant find the millions who have over stayed their VISAs already, why would the Democrats try to raise so many of the VISAs number limits suddenly in their recent "Amnesty" program ?

The second clear danger of the "Temporary Guest Worker Program" is the "Anchor Baby" loop hole which is abused hundreds of thousands of times every single year. The costs to the American tax payers is billions of dollars every year, year after year. Here is how this popular loop hole is abused. Illegal Immigrant females either get pregnant before illegally entering the USA or meet their boy friends, husbands and so on in the USA. She is already or gets pregnant, knowing that this baby will be their entry into the USA and will net thousands of dollars in benefits because this child will be called a "Citizen" even though neither parent is a citizen. The American tax payer will pay thousands of dollars to deliver the baby and many many more thousands of dollars in benefits over the next 18 years for each baby. Then when this baby becomes an adult, they are able to pull in their ENTIRE family into the United States. If this so called "Temporary Guest Worker Program" is passed, this will be a major portal and the border fence will no longer be a problem for Illegal Immigrants. Millions of Immigrants will flow across the US border, meet with their boyfriends, husbands etc. who have previously illegal entered the USA and "The Lottery" begins. If you think Illegal Immigration is a problem now, just wait till this this bogus "Temporary Guest Worker" program opens up.

Finally, this so called Temporary Guest Worker Program" actually not so "Temporary" These programs are designed to last 3 to 6 YEARS !! That's right, and that's ALOT of time to work on making lots of babies, lots of family ties, lots of time to work with pro-illegal immigration groups to get a short cut to Citizenship. While Millions wait to legally Immigrate and live in America, this will be a short cut for millions and millions of Mexican Nationals every year.

Currently almost 10% of Mexicans actually live in the USA. This does NOT include the hundreds of thousands of "Anchor Babies which are listed as US Citizens" This so called "Temporary Guest Worker Programs" should be titled "The Mexican Job Fair and Citizen Short Cut" program because this will be a program designed almost entirely for Mexican Nationals. Extremely few European, Asians, Australians, Canadians or other immigrants will benefit from this program. No strict limits have been made for ANY Country and no punishments made for ANY country that are found to abuse this program. Ive heard some say they feel this is a "sweet heart deal" to make a second opening into the USA since the 700 mile fence deal was made.

What can you do ? Stop this bogus "Guest Worker Program" which will never work and will simply swell the numbers of immigrants entering the USA. Tell your Politicians NO AMNESTY and NO Citizenship for ANYONE that Illegally crosses into the USA. Tell the Politicians to properly fund the 700 mile border fence and stop playing games with our National safety ! Tell them to enforce our laws and the current Illegal Immigrant population will simply move back to their own countries, the same way they got here. Dont believe the groups who say it would cost to much to remove these illegal immigrants. Its costing America too much in taxes and American lives to continue making it comfortable for those who have knowingly entered the USA Illegally. ALL Immigrants must play by the same rule of law. To make ANY sort of Amnesty program, regardless of what its called is Amnesty. To make a special deal to ANY ONE group of people is racist and unfair to the millions who wait patiently and legally to live inside America. Simply making a law banning ANYONE who has illegally entered the USA from ANY Citizenship ( or Benefits ) program would make a sharp decrease in illegal crossings and would stop the repeat attempts to cross our borders. Arrest and $$ fine both employers and employees who work in America Illegally as well as deportation of the Illegal worker. Doing these will stop illegal immigration.

Also support THE REAL ID ACT which will remove drivers license / American ID cards from the hands of Illegal Immigrants. This is an important step in National Safety since 18 of the 19 9/11 Terrorist had one or more State Drivers License. This is a FEDERAL LAW passed in 2005 but States like MARYLAND have Politicians who refuse to protect their Citizens and have NOT complied with this Federal law. Remember, you pay taxes and these Politicians work for YOU. You have the absolute right to contact them as often as you want. Think about what you want to say and tell them YOU are an American Voter and you do NOT support ANY Amnesty or Citizenship for Illegal Immigrants. If you want their contact numbers, email ( or their email address ) me and I will give it to you.

Also, if you are a Citizen who wants to get active in fighting Illegal Immigration, you should look into local and National groups. Some of the larger groups are NumbersUSA,, FAIR and the Minuteman organizations. Local grass roots groups like is our organization and we welcome Americans from ANY State who are fed up with Illegal Immigration.

Steve Hampton

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