Thursday, December 07, 2006

Email from the bottom of the barrel

This is some email sent to The Immigration Watchdog after a protest with the MinuteMen at NBC studios. Now who is the racist here? Do you SEE what is happening? What the ENEMY is thinking and believing? Is THIS enough to get your off your ASSES and doing something about this SCOURGE of SCUM in our NATION?

Henry Garcia [] wrote:

Dear my racist piece of shit friend Spencer,

Sorry I wasn’t able to be at NBC studios on Saturday, but I was at work. But My Aztlan homies were able to go. I saw the pictures of all the MM SOS losers. What a pathetic bunch. I saw those 4 Minute Coons. Those fuckin Uncle Tom’s don’t know shit about the racist involved in the Gilchrist campaign. But anyways, LA RECONQUISTA is really gettin geared up for the Glendale Protest. Trust me this one is gonna be good.

Se you there.
Get r’ done.

Henry Garcia [] wrote:

Hey you fuckin Italian piece of shit. You are the sorriest mutherfucker I have ever seen in my life. You are a fuckin Loser. Why don’t you take your pasta eating ass back to Mexico. This Land was Mexican once, Indian Always, and will be again. My ancestors, The Aztecs, The people of the sun, ruled this land for thousands of years before Europeans like you came over. This is our land. The land of all Mexicans and Raza. Fuck you and racist like you who think that you have to be an American Citizen to live here. My people have always been here. This is our land, not the white mans. Take a pizza and shove it up you ass you Sicilian piece of shit. If Iever see you at a Minute Man or Save Our State sponsored Event, me and la raza are gonna ride on your Italian ass. Burn in hell you ugly piece of shit. You aint no american. Your Italian. Go back to Europe. This land belongs to the
indegenous. Viva El Pueblo de Aztlan.

Thank you for sharing my email with your whiyte power friends. It seems I’m a local celebrity over with the SOS’ers, It seems like Old Preach and Last Great Hope really liked it enough to share it with other people. VIVA LA RECONQUISTA DE AZTLAN. OUR LAND.OUR FIGHT.

Those African American Minute Men retards can bring down da hood and their glocks and come “take their jobs back”. Yeah the only jobs their good at is selling crack on da corner.

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