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President Delivers Knee To Groin -- Amnesty Is Coming!
by Steve Elliott, President

President Bush almost made a mistake at his first post-election news conference….He almost forgot to announce that amnesty is on his “list of things that we need to get done.”

Whew! Good thing that reporter reminded him with that last-second question before the closing bell of the press conference! That will really cheer up the grassroots base already demoralized by the abject failure of both the President and the Republican Congress. Actually, it was like a knee to the groin for citizens who have carried the heavy load this year in standing on principle for the security of our nation while the President tried to sell us down the Rio Grande.

Here’s what the President said:

“I think we have a good chance [at passing the amnesty
bill]. Thank you. It's an important issue and I hope we
can get something done on it. I meant to put that in my
list of things that we need to get done.”

Real Political Fallout Over Immigration

Even though all the post-election analysis is focusing on what will happen with the war in Iraq, the President’s comments should be a warning to every concerned American that the most likely place to look for political fallout is the issue of immigration.

A Republican House -- for all its perceived and real ethical and agenda failures -- was without question the last holdout in Washington, D.C., blocking the Senate/President amnesty plan. With Speaker Pelosi and Judiciary Chair Conyers, an amnesty bill in early 2007 seems likely. It will be a difficult fight to keep House Democrats from giving the Senate and the President what they want -- amnesty for 12-20 million illegal aliens.

Border Security Republicans Go Down

The change in House control is compounded by the number of strong border security Congressmen who were defeated at the polls. Let’s be clear -- the Republicans were NOT defeated because of the strong stance some took on border security. The exit polling data shows clearly that it was the Democrats’ ability ot nationalize the election as a referendum of President Bush and the war in Iraq, combined with numerous missteps by Republican Congressional leaders, that caused the changeover. In fact, the exit polling showed that six in 10 Americans are concerned about the problem of illegal immigration.

That said, defeated Republican members of the House averaged 88% on Grassfire’s 2006 Immigration Scorecard -- above the overall average Republican score of 84%. Only one defeated Republican House member scored below 70% and 12 scored 90% or above.

On the Senate side, three of the most closely watched races saw strong border security Republicans get defeated (assuming the last results hold): Allen (VA-100%), Burns (MT-100%), Talent (MO-91%).

Please understand -- exit poll results do not show that border security was the decisive issue in the defeat of these Republican members of Congress. My point is that our hand in the House and Senate just got significantly weaker. (You can access Grassfire’s online Scorecard here:

What’s Next In The Fight To Secure Our Borders

The record of 2006 shows that grassroots Americans stood up to the onslaught of the open borders/amnesty forces. We stared down the President, the Senate, the media and millions of illegal aliens protesting in our streets. I was told by members of House and their staffers that were it not for the efforts of grassroots citizens, House Republicans would not have had the political fortitude to stand up to the amnesty push.

But we just lost our main ally. And with the President bending over backwards to find “common ground” with the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Charles Rangel -- and indicating that immigration was on his “list” -- the fight to secure our borders and stop amnesty just got exponentially more difficult.

In the coming months, citizens like you and me will have to sacrifice even more and work even harder. This will require movement leaders to work together more closely behind the united, common goal of stopping the invasion.

This is no time to shrink back from this battle for the very future of our nation. In fact, Grassfire is already gearing up for the coming fight. I trust you will join with us and millions of citizens who are taking a stand to secure our nation.

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