Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Mexican Invasion Must End

Yes we are a nation of immigrants. But we are a nation of LEGAL immigrants. Yes our ancestors stole this country from the Native Americans. We cannot be held responsible for what our ancestors did. We are here now. Most of us were born here. We do not want this country invaded by Mexico and that is exactly what is happening - every day - from our southern border. I am tired of seeing Hispanic signs everywhere I turn. I am SICK and tired of having to Press 1 for English Dammit! This is America! We speak English here. If you come here you have to learn ENGLISH.

I am SICK AND TIRED of seeing my tax dollars go to illegal aliens and their damn ANCHOR BABIES. Having a baby here should not give an entire Mexican family the right to live here. The US has allowed this ridiculous loophole for too long. ALL ILLEGALS must be sent home NOW! I don't CARE if they have lived here illegally for 5 years and they are all comfortable and have a job etc. TOO FREAKING BAD. You snuck in here illegally and now the American people have finally had enough and want them all OUT. Come in the DAMN FRONT DOOR like all other immigrants. You are bringing your slums from Mexico to our country and we don't like it.

There are no jobs Americans will not do if they are paid a wage they can live on without having to live 20 people in a house to do it. All employers who PREY on illegal aliens need to be boycotted. They are TRAITORS to our country. They support the invasion and they are making it possible for them to make a living. If they are not employed they will not stay.

WAKE UP AMERICANS or you will have to learn Spanish just to order a burger at McDonald's very soon.

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