Sunday, November 19, 2006

Illegal alien criminals wandering our country

Here's a list of recent crimes committed by illegal aliens in our country. Why are some of these illegals REPEAT criminals? They should be DEPORTED the first time they are picked up!!!!

Illegal Alien sent to Prison
Illegal Alien Charge with Death of Actress
Illegal Alien Accused of Stealing Identity
Wreck Suspect May be Illegal Alien
Three Men Arrested in Early Morning Drug Raid
Illegal Alien Found Guilty in Meth Ring
Illegal Alien Receives 10 Year Sentence for Meth Distribution
Illegal Immigrant Criminals Fall Through The Cracks
12-pack Illegal in Fatal Car Crash
Branson Effort Against Illegal Immigration Uncovers Murder Suspect
Wake Up and Smell the Invasion
DHS Faces Claim for Not Deporting Illegal Alien

It is my opinion that people who enter the country illegally are not going to be the type of people who respect the laws of this country. They are "invisible" and they have nothing to lose. They come from a virtually lawless society and culture and they are importing that into our country.

When will America have had enough? Will it be too late by the time people wake up?

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