Sunday, November 05, 2006

How Politicians voted on Illegal Immigration Bills

Found an excellent post at my "sister" site
I figure I'll help get this info out there before Election Day
Here is the link to the actual text of the S 2611.
Here is an in-depth analysis of the effect of this bill.


When deciding whom to vote for on Tuesday, please consider how your Senator voted on S 2611, the Senate Amnesty Bill. For those who need a refresher, the Senate bill provided:

The horrors go on, but this bill could easily be summarized as giving amnesty, citizenship, and massive entitlements to illegal aliens and their families.

And a previous post on the same blog that has this info:

Illegal immigration is impacting nearly every aspect of our society. From crime and education to education and healthcare. Our national identity is radically changing and we're becoming a dual society that doesn't speak a common language. When deciding whom to vote for on Tuesday (you are voting right?), please consider how your Congressman voted on HR 4437.

HR 4437 was the immigration bill passed by the House last December by a vote of 239 to 182. It sparked the illegal immigration marches this summer across America. HR 4437 is as follows:

Simply put, it would improve our ability to secure the border and enforce our laws.

So when deciding whom to vote for this Tuesday, please look at how your Congressman voted. If they're one of the 239 who voted for this bill, they should earn your vote. If they're one of the 182 who didn't vote for this bill, you shouldn't vote for them.

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