Friday, November 10, 2006

The Bloody Consequences of Open Borders

Please make time to read this MOST EXCELLENT blog article from Michelle Malkin on the recent tragic murder of actress Adrienne Shelly in NYC by yet another illegal immigrant who should not have been here.

Just when exactly will Americans and the MEDIA become outraged by the lax immigration policies that have gotten us to where we are right now.. in crisis? What will it take for people to rise up and demand that our borders be closed to illegal aliens. Why is our border STILL A SIEVE now FIVE YEARS AFTER 9/11????

Who is the next victim of an illegal alien? How many victims will it take to get people to demand change from our Federal government?! This new Democratic congress will want to slip Amnesty through as a first order of business. Do you really want to keep the 12 MILLION illegal aliens who are here now? The ones who are here now, the majority, are not the brightest and best from Mexico and South America. They are the poor, the criminals, the unwanted in Mexico. Is that who you welcome with open arms to become new American citizens?

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