Thursday, November 09, 2006

2007 - The Year of the Mexican

So the uninformed, media-brainwashed, knee-jerk American public has voted in a bunch of liberals and here is what that is going to mean for America:

1. Amnesty for 12 million illegal aliens will go through and we will reward them for their criminal behavior and let them become citizens (so they can vote Democratic no less)
2. More government entitlement programs for the illegal aliens and the lazy ass Americans who could contribute in exchange for their handout but are not required to
3. Fund cuts for supplies in Iraq - yet we will have many troops still on the ground but they will not approve funding for needed supplies. You think it's bad now in Iraq?
4. North American Union will become closer to reality - the agenda is to remove the borders between us and Mexico and Canada and have one North American Union. Say goodbye to the United States.
5. Our Constitution will be further ignored and amended
6. The ACLU will get support from Congress to do even more damage while defending illegal aliens and sue-happy scumbag Americans.

This is what the ignorant populace has wrought on our nation. I am telling you this. We are one step closer to all out Civil War now.

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